Saturday, August 30, 2014

August 30, 2014- Provo MTC West

Kolton Bingham, Tell Lindsey and Carson

our district

Elders Sawyer and Doddema

Elders Sawyer, Verde and May
So this was a pretty great week. We had a lot of really good lessons. Spanish is starting to come pretty quickly now –it’s probably cause I do like 90 percent of the talking in our lessons. I just think that when I get down to Argentina I’m not going to understand anything again. It’s stressful. But other than that I feel pretty good. In my lessons this week I basically lived off of Alma 32 and 2 Nefi 2 -those are like the chapters that have been getting me through my lessons. They’re pretty bomb chapters. I’m so excited to get down there it’s crazy and nerve racking. The big thing this week was that we all got our travel plans.  We leave Monday the 8th at 6 am and travel to Atlanta for a 4 hour layover and then we fly for like 11 hours to Buenos Aires. It’s pretty crazy- it’s all gone so fast. I’m gonna be really sad to split up with my district down there. We’re all really close, even our whole zone in general. We’re all pretty athletic and competitive at volleyball and soccer and four square. I kick kid’s trash in four square. Most people like try and be tricky when they play I usually just smash it down on people- it works pretty good. I usually don’t play cause it makes me and elder green. (We call him elder Verde) mad. So we usually don’t play. The funniest thing happened in our lesson with Benjamin. Benjamin is our teacher Hermano Cuadras character that we teach. Hermano Cuadra is awesome by the way- he’s only 25 and has had like the most full life I’ve ever heard. But in our lesson we’re all serious and stuff and then he starts eating a fruit rollup and offers me and Dodema some. So I took it and ate it but some of it got stuck on the front of my teeth. he started cracking up and then we started cracking up finally we broke out of character cause he was bent over on the couch snorting and laughing and I was tearing up. We stopped the lesson and went and told the rest of our district. It was hilarious. Another big thing that happened today on our p-day is we went into the real world as a district. We went to Brigham’s Landing which is about 200 yards from the MTC and ate at a burger place. I had a pastrami burger which was amazing. It was like our first taste of non-cafeteria food in weeks. However there was a major temptation- there was football playing in there and me and elder verde had to force ourselves not to watch- it was a struggle. Well that’s all for now sorry I don’t have enough time to write it all and write you all specifically but if you dearelder me your address I’ll write you a letter this week.

 Elder Sawyer  (in Argentina they’re going to pronounce it Sawsher, apparently so that’s what everyone calls me now.)

us on the bus to the temple

halfway point guaranara toast

waiting for a devotional - Luis happened to find him


Saturday, August 23, 2014

August 23, 2014- Provo MTC West

So this week was very intense and stressful. I have had like four different investigators the last couple of days and they are all really hard. it’s kinda getting to me a little bit. me and my companion are working together to make our lesson teaching a little more fluid. it’s good to hear the football team is living up to the hype. It’s good we get to play sports here cause it helps me get through the day. I’m getting pretty good at volleyball we play it almost every day. Time is flying right now and it doesn’t seem like there’s anything different happening day to day. it’s just hours and hours in the classroom. oh yeah I got made zone leader this week so I get to be in charge of taking care of every one in our zone. The new district this week that I got to help orientate had an elder I know elder Braithwaite. It’s cool to have a familiar face right next door. Also along with being zone leader I get to make sure everyone is following the rules which hasn’t been that much fun. Letters are great to get by the way- I try to send replies out as fast as I can. Spanish is coming along great its really cool to actually be able to understand most of what is going on in a conversation. it’s also really cool to be able to reply back. I’ve really been blessed with the gift of tongues here. Well not much changes day to day but if any of you have questions just let me know. it’s fun to get dearelders. 
well pictures aren't working sorry. by the way it poured today so I know my shoes and jacket are water proof.  We play sports a lot , soccer is fun, so is basketball and volleyball. I still miss football. I took a kid out going for a ball the other day- it felt good.
love you guys,
The Elder Zone Leader State Champion Sawyer

Luis and Carson share laundry facilities. Some of the elders are housed in BYU campus housing and not in the main MTC, that is how/why Luis runs into him a lot- they live by each other!
and it was cold and rainy- so he got to try out his huge rain/winter coat and it was around 5am

Saturday, August 16, 2014

August 16, 2014- Provo MTC West

me and Elder Lemieux
Hey everyone, how is it going? This is gonna be short- I don’t have a lot of time. It’s been a pretty good week.  My Spanish has increased dramatically and I have learned a ton from my teachers about sharing the gospel. It’s all starting to click now and the time is going by so fast. Spanish is getting better -I’ve made a good friend who’s helping me a lot. I finally got through a decent lesson the other day. I sung in the choir last week -that was kinda fun.

When do BYU games start?  We can see the stadium and we went to a chapel that shared a parking lot with it. We’ll probably be able to hear it from the MTC campus.

I love hearing from all of you. Keep sending me letters and I’ll try and write you back. I’m stressed in this one hour of computer time. I just completely forgot everything you asked me to write to you about.
The church is true.  Talk to you next week.
 Elder Sawyer

P.S. Kyle- way to suck it up when you’re sick- you should only miss practice if you get hit by lightning or you’re throwing up blood.

I made something to distribute the AC in our classroom
This is maestro O'Grady- he's like my bf here. He's good at Spanish and teaches me a lot.

Luis happened to be on the same bus to the Provo Temple!

Saturday, August 9, 2014

August 9, 2014- Provo MTC West


the elders in my apartment

So, like everyone says, the second week is a lot better than the first week. Sundays are pretty much the best. We got to hear from the BYU president and then a recorded talk from elder Bednar which was pretty much amazing. I also ran into a friend, Ty Lemieux, when we went over to the main campus for the devotional. It was pretty crazy-we spotted each other during the closing hymn in a room with like a billion missionaries it was kinda crazy. So Sunday is pretty much used to propel you through the rest of the week. 
Monday, I’m glad to say I got all the letters and then throughout the week I got the rest of the packages. Thanks everyone I really like hearing from all of you guys. Just don’t send me any junk food -they feed us so much cake and ice cream here it’s crazy. Letters and pictures are nice to get. Our district has gotten so close, especially the guys. It’s actually starting to be a problem cause were such good friends that we can’t focus on what we need to, which is learning Spanish and how to teach. But we’re getting better, we have to separate from one another during our studies. We really have a lot of fun here, our district has actually improved a lot at volleyball. One guy, elder May, in our group pretty much has spiked it on all of us. He can dunk and he’s about 6 4 and is pretty much a straight up baller. He’s really cool. Me and elder Doddema are continuing to get along well. We both struggle with Spanish and teaching and stuff so we’re working it out. The “investigator" we have been teaching canceled on us and then he showed up later in a shirt and tie- his name is hermano Porter and he’s our new teacher. He speaks a lot of Spanglish to us which helps cause we actually know what’s going on most of the time.
We’ve all had some pretty cool experiences here -all the teachers are great and every ones just friends. There are so many jokes, like our made up Spanish word "buien" and the fact that all the food taste so similar now that we just call the spaces between classes “feeding time” instead of meals. The foods not bad it’s just a lot of the same. We went to the main campus on P- day and it’s just amazing over there, but I’d still rather only be sharing a room with 3 other guys instead of like 6. It’s great that we get to go to the temple every week. 
Everyone here struggles to stay awake during meetings. It’s hard. Especially since we decided to do our laundry at 4:30 this morning. oh yeah I saw Luis the other day at the creamery, it was weird -we’re not used to talking to "real people” anymore.  Sorta like when we had a talk with three little girls on the way back from the temple. It was strange. Everything here is great -sorry for all the grammar mistakes - I’m typing fast so I can email all of you guys and send some pics. is still great and I’m gonna try to get some paper letters out today -till next weeek!
Elder Sawyer

hermano cuadra and some of  the hermanas

feeding time
Carson and Luis

Saturday, August 2, 2014

August 2, 2014- Provo MTC West

Hey, everyone, how’s it going? I just want to say it’s great never getting any letters especially since the days here feel like weeks. So it’s been pretty good, it’s kinda weird here but in a good way. I flew up here with a bunch of elders and one sister, I’m not exactly sure but I know at least one of those elders is now in my district with me. So I showed up at the MTC and they just start shuffling you through things. They have another elder grab all your stuff and carry it for you all the way through the chapel and stuff. This is where you get like your name tags and books and stuff. We got a lot of books. The Spanish ones are really great. So we go to my apartment and another elder is still helping me with my stuff. We drop everything off at our dorms, which are sweet by the way. I’m at Wyveiw so our homes are dorms and our classrooms are also dorm buildings, which is kinda cool. So I was like late to my first class time and I had to go onto the computer and do the orientation by myself which was boring. Then when I finished the class was already started so I just sat at a random desk. We go through the lesson and I find out that our teacher will not speak English to us. He says he only knows a little English so he only speaks it to us a little. So the lesson finishes and I realize that there’s an odd number of elders. I then ask the other guys if they had already been assigned companions and they had so I was sorta lost. My companion didn’t show up till late that night because of travel delays, so I was stuck in a tri-panionship for the first while. We had some more meetings- gratefully in English. Then I finally got my companion, elder Doddema from Montana. He played rugby and football so we get along well. Gym time has been my favorite, the first day we went and lifted the second day our district played volleyball together. In our district there are eight elders and four sisters. Volleyball was fun because we finally got to see that there were people under the nametags. One other thing I learned is that while our district has many gifts, volleyball is definitely not one of them. They’re actually all pretty goofy for the most part, but we’re starting to really get along with one another, 

The food here is pretty great. There’s always two options and always cereal, salad, fruit  soups  drinks and chocolate milk. There’s so much garbage to eat here. I’m just trying to not eat all the cookies and cake they feed us. I really don’t want to get fat and I feel like the MTC would be a really easy place to do that. 

Our dorms are great we have two guys to a room which is bueno. I have the top bunk, my own desk and a walk in closet. We share the apartment with another companionship. In it we have a couch which is more comfortable then the beds, a table, a fridge, an iron and a bathroom. The living conditions are pretty great.  

I really miss home and all you guys. Letters and picture would be great. It’s hard thinking that I won’t see all you guys for the next 2 years. So keep in touch is bueno cause I only email on p-day which is Saturday. 

So here at Wyveiw all the elders and sisters are Spanish speaking. My whole district is going to the same mission as me except two elders going to Ecuador. My teachers are great- brother Cuadro and brother Arce. Spanish is hard but I really enjoy learning it. It’s probably my favorite thing that we do here. I’m already starting to pick up a Spanish accent I think, especially after sitting in class for like four hours. We had to teach a lesson like the third day here in Spanish. It was hard. I sort of just got stuck going in circles about things. 

 Our branch president is really great president Claybaugh and brothers Canyon and Williams and their wives.  They’re super great and funny. I like meeting with them a lot. They’re really helpful with dealing with everything that’s getting thrown at us.

Everything here is good- the weather, food, companions. We got bussed down to a chapel for a meeting and it like shares a parking lot with BYU’s football stadium. I’ll take a picture when I can. Sorry this letter is sorta all over the place I’m getting used to it and getting used to p-day and stuff. Ask me questions send me letters and stuff . Bye!

Love you guys!