Saturday, August 16, 2014

August 16, 2014- Provo MTC West

me and Elder Lemieux
Hey everyone, how is it going? This is gonna be short- I don’t have a lot of time. It’s been a pretty good week.  My Spanish has increased dramatically and I have learned a ton from my teachers about sharing the gospel. It’s all starting to click now and the time is going by so fast. Spanish is getting better -I’ve made a good friend who’s helping me a lot. I finally got through a decent lesson the other day. I sung in the choir last week -that was kinda fun.

When do BYU games start?  We can see the stadium and we went to a chapel that shared a parking lot with it. We’ll probably be able to hear it from the MTC campus.

I love hearing from all of you. Keep sending me letters and I’ll try and write you back. I’m stressed in this one hour of computer time. I just completely forgot everything you asked me to write to you about.
The church is true.  Talk to you next week.
 Elder Sawyer

P.S. Kyle- way to suck it up when you’re sick- you should only miss practice if you get hit by lightning or you’re throwing up blood.

I made something to distribute the AC in our classroom
This is maestro O'Grady- he's like my bf here. He's good at Spanish and teaches me a lot.

Luis happened to be on the same bus to the Provo Temple!

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