Saturday, August 23, 2014

August 23, 2014- Provo MTC West

So this week was very intense and stressful. I have had like four different investigators the last couple of days and they are all really hard. it’s kinda getting to me a little bit. me and my companion are working together to make our lesson teaching a little more fluid. it’s good to hear the football team is living up to the hype. It’s good we get to play sports here cause it helps me get through the day. I’m getting pretty good at volleyball we play it almost every day. Time is flying right now and it doesn’t seem like there’s anything different happening day to day. it’s just hours and hours in the classroom. oh yeah I got made zone leader this week so I get to be in charge of taking care of every one in our zone. The new district this week that I got to help orientate had an elder I know elder Braithwaite. It’s cool to have a familiar face right next door. Also along with being zone leader I get to make sure everyone is following the rules which hasn’t been that much fun. Letters are great to get by the way- I try to send replies out as fast as I can. Spanish is coming along great its really cool to actually be able to understand most of what is going on in a conversation. it’s also really cool to be able to reply back. I’ve really been blessed with the gift of tongues here. Well not much changes day to day but if any of you have questions just let me know. it’s fun to get dearelders. 
well pictures aren't working sorry. by the way it poured today so I know my shoes and jacket are water proof.  We play sports a lot , soccer is fun, so is basketball and volleyball. I still miss football. I took a kid out going for a ball the other day- it felt good.
love you guys,
The Elder Zone Leader State Champion Sawyer

Luis and Carson share laundry facilities. Some of the elders are housed in BYU campus housing and not in the main MTC, that is how/why Luis runs into him a lot- they live by each other!
and it was cold and rainy- so he got to try out his huge rain/winter coat and it was around 5am

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