Saturday, August 30, 2014

August 30, 2014- Provo MTC West

Kolton Bingham, Tell Lindsey and Carson

our district

Elders Sawyer and Doddema

Elders Sawyer, Verde and May
So this was a pretty great week. We had a lot of really good lessons. Spanish is starting to come pretty quickly now –it’s probably cause I do like 90 percent of the talking in our lessons. I just think that when I get down to Argentina I’m not going to understand anything again. It’s stressful. But other than that I feel pretty good. In my lessons this week I basically lived off of Alma 32 and 2 Nefi 2 -those are like the chapters that have been getting me through my lessons. They’re pretty bomb chapters. I’m so excited to get down there it’s crazy and nerve racking. The big thing this week was that we all got our travel plans.  We leave Monday the 8th at 6 am and travel to Atlanta for a 4 hour layover and then we fly for like 11 hours to Buenos Aires. It’s pretty crazy- it’s all gone so fast. I’m gonna be really sad to split up with my district down there. We’re all really close, even our whole zone in general. We’re all pretty athletic and competitive at volleyball and soccer and four square. I kick kid’s trash in four square. Most people like try and be tricky when they play I usually just smash it down on people- it works pretty good. I usually don’t play cause it makes me and elder green. (We call him elder Verde) mad. So we usually don’t play. The funniest thing happened in our lesson with Benjamin. Benjamin is our teacher Hermano Cuadras character that we teach. Hermano Cuadra is awesome by the way- he’s only 25 and has had like the most full life I’ve ever heard. But in our lesson we’re all serious and stuff and then he starts eating a fruit rollup and offers me and Dodema some. So I took it and ate it but some of it got stuck on the front of my teeth. he started cracking up and then we started cracking up finally we broke out of character cause he was bent over on the couch snorting and laughing and I was tearing up. We stopped the lesson and went and told the rest of our district. It was hilarious. Another big thing that happened today on our p-day is we went into the real world as a district. We went to Brigham’s Landing which is about 200 yards from the MTC and ate at a burger place. I had a pastrami burger which was amazing. It was like our first taste of non-cafeteria food in weeks. However there was a major temptation- there was football playing in there and me and elder verde had to force ourselves not to watch- it was a struggle. Well that’s all for now sorry I don’t have enough time to write it all and write you all specifically but if you dearelder me your address I’ll write you a letter this week.

 Elder Sawyer  (in Argentina they’re going to pronounce it Sawsher, apparently so that’s what everyone calls me now.)

us on the bus to the temple

halfway point guaranara toast

waiting for a devotional - Luis happened to find him


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