Saturday, August 9, 2014

August 9, 2014- Provo MTC West


the elders in my apartment

So, like everyone says, the second week is a lot better than the first week. Sundays are pretty much the best. We got to hear from the BYU president and then a recorded talk from elder Bednar which was pretty much amazing. I also ran into a friend, Ty Lemieux, when we went over to the main campus for the devotional. It was pretty crazy-we spotted each other during the closing hymn in a room with like a billion missionaries it was kinda crazy. So Sunday is pretty much used to propel you through the rest of the week. 
Monday, I’m glad to say I got all the letters and then throughout the week I got the rest of the packages. Thanks everyone I really like hearing from all of you guys. Just don’t send me any junk food -they feed us so much cake and ice cream here it’s crazy. Letters and pictures are nice to get. Our district has gotten so close, especially the guys. It’s actually starting to be a problem cause were such good friends that we can’t focus on what we need to, which is learning Spanish and how to teach. But we’re getting better, we have to separate from one another during our studies. We really have a lot of fun here, our district has actually improved a lot at volleyball. One guy, elder May, in our group pretty much has spiked it on all of us. He can dunk and he’s about 6 4 and is pretty much a straight up baller. He’s really cool. Me and elder Doddema are continuing to get along well. We both struggle with Spanish and teaching and stuff so we’re working it out. The “investigator" we have been teaching canceled on us and then he showed up later in a shirt and tie- his name is hermano Porter and he’s our new teacher. He speaks a lot of Spanglish to us which helps cause we actually know what’s going on most of the time.
We’ve all had some pretty cool experiences here -all the teachers are great and every ones just friends. There are so many jokes, like our made up Spanish word "buien" and the fact that all the food taste so similar now that we just call the spaces between classes “feeding time” instead of meals. The foods not bad it’s just a lot of the same. We went to the main campus on P- day and it’s just amazing over there, but I’d still rather only be sharing a room with 3 other guys instead of like 6. It’s great that we get to go to the temple every week. 
Everyone here struggles to stay awake during meetings. It’s hard. Especially since we decided to do our laundry at 4:30 this morning. oh yeah I saw Luis the other day at the creamery, it was weird -we’re not used to talking to "real people” anymore.  Sorta like when we had a talk with three little girls on the way back from the temple. It was strange. Everything here is great -sorry for all the grammar mistakes - I’m typing fast so I can email all of you guys and send some pics. is still great and I’m gonna try to get some paper letters out today -till next weeek!
Elder Sawyer

hermano cuadra and some of  the hermanas

feeding time
Carson and Luis

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