Monday, September 15, 2014

September 15, 2014- in La Plata with Elder Delgado

So as many of you probably realized this first week was pretty insane, not including the 36 hour trip it took to get to Argentina. Which included sitting in an airport for like 4 hours waiting for our bags (there was a baggage handlers strike), but after that it got a lot better. We went to the misiĆ³n home and the fed us some really bomb empanadas. I was pretty excited about that.
Then we went and me our new companions. My comp is Elder Delgado. He is from California and has been out about 8 months or so. He speaks English, but not to me. He says it will help me learn faster. This pretty much means that I’m lost 99 percent of the time. Where we are, where were going, what’s being said, when we’re eating, what can I drink. All these questions have been circulating in my head for the whole week. But I’ve been figuring it out.
I haven’t eaten anything gross yet but that may be because we haven’t eaten at a lot of members homes yet. We’re probably gonna start doing that this week. I’m no to worried- everything else we’ve eaten has been pretty good. We’ve made empanadas, tacos and pancakes here. On the pancakes we put this stuff called dulce de leche. It’s like caramelized sugar in milk. It tastes a lot like caramel. It’s probably the best thing I’ve had here. I’ve put in bananas too. One time we stopped by a members house, they gave us some chorizo which was pretty good too.
The members really like us here, which is good so they can help my comp in lessons cause I’m usually lost. I did commit a 9 year old girl to baptism this week which was pretty cool. We also taught part of that lesson by candlelight which was cool too. The people here don’t live in very nice houses, but they all have direct tv. There will be like a shack and then there will be a satellite antenna sticking off of it. They also all drink tang.
We got to do some service this week. I helped build a fence for someone with rusty nails and aluminum sheets and we got to meet with some other missionaries to paint a hospital. That was cool. I got to see some people from my mtc district which was nice. Also the way we got there was weird- I didn’t know what was going on- we were just walking and then a big van pulls up and my comp gets in, it was like okay, whatever. I pretty much just do what he does which is important, cause things like getting on buses can be sketchy cause they will drive away even if you only have one foot on.
It’s pretty fun here I just can’t wait to play some soccer. When we took the train to Carmen I learned that in Argentina if there’s an open field of grass there’s usually soccer goals on each end.
I’m doing pretty good, but can you go and ask the mtc about my knee and stuff. They didn’t really talk to me much and it’s been bothering me a Little. I just don’t know what to do with it. They should still have my info.
I haven’t been cold, but it’s been cold weather. Sweaters are pretty neat. I also really like my boots. There’s a lot of mud in the streets here, so it’s pretty wet all the time. It rains- not hard mostly- but it will just like mist all day.
I need a bag for my Spanish scriptures- I put them in a plastic bag this week so the rain wouldn’t get them. I’ll look for one here. And the no backpack rule doesn’t exist here I guess.

love all you guys till next week!

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