Tuesday, October 14, 2014

October 14, 2014- La Plata with Elder Delgado

"my district"

No, I didn’t die, we had a family history activity on Monday, so I couldn’t write on the normal P-day.

So this week was again pretty hectic, we spent most of our time in the part of our area that is as far away as possible from our apartment so we spend a lot of time waiting for the bus to take us to the other side of El Carmen. The weather here has been weird. It like switches off from pouring and cold to being miserably hot. We sorta have to guess which clothes to use each day. One of my ties got soaked and bled through onto my shirt. L

A sad thing happened, one of our investigators passed away this week, we think from a heart attack. It was pretty sad, but we’re helping the husband trying to help the family.

This week we had to go do more visa stuff, which always stinks cuz it’s like a 3 hour one-way trip for us to stand in line. We have to get up way early, it sorta just ruins the day. Also, we had the opportunity to do a lot of service this week. Shoveling dirt in front of someone’s house so it doesn’t flood their home. That was good. I think shoveling stuff is the world’s universal language cause the people we helped all made it to church this week which was good.

My language skills are getting better. I can understand when people talk for the most part now. It’s crazy that this week ends my first transfer in Argentina. It all goes so fast, it’s crazy! Also this week got told by the bishopric that we’re supposed to focus on reactivations which is kinda hard cuz there are so many families to reactivate. It’s hard to balance that with teaching and finding.  We almost feel like we don’t have time for it all.

And yep, I’ve drinken the water it’s hard not to when everyone gives it too you. We have a filter in our house but were not always there. You should research Argentina medicine for me, cuz I think I need to get some stuff sucked out of my knee again. We’re supposed to get bikes this week and that’s supposed to help.

Well, I hope everyone’s doing ok. Back home go eat some cheese for me- that’s one thing I miss- real cheese. The cheese here isn’t bad, it’s just weird.

Love you all,
Elder Sawyer

 From the YM/YW- we are doing a special missionary mutual. Can you please ask each of your missionaries to send a brief message to the youth of the ward about their missionary experience.

“Memorize the stupid scripture mastery things in seminary- ones from freshmen year have come to my head as we meet with people. Focus on your testimony and knowledge of the restoration of the gospel it’s very important.”

"what I bought for food this week"

"even if I don't drink Gatorade, I still have it with me - haha"

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