Monday, October 27, 2014

October 27, 2014- in La Plata with Elder Delgado

“we went eel fishing- it looks green in the picture, but it’s not very beautiful,
there’s a lot of trash and the flies bite.”
“just looking for some eels in the river or ditch- same thing.”

The guy with the knife is Hermano Ruiz- he is crazy and awesome. We’re teaching his 11 year old daughter and hoping he will reactivate with her. He is deadly with a slingshot it’s actually pretty scary. He’s like the expert eel hunter and otter rat thing slayer. The 18 year old is Ivan- he’s great. He’s a Ruiz that we’re working with to get the saccerdocio so he can baptize his sister. He really likes us and is always down to go do service with us. The younger kid is the cousin of Ivan. He’s crazy too.
Also this week I had a contact with someone who was deaf. It was actually pretty cool.  We talked by writing in my agenda. We gave him a folleto and said we could send the missionaries to his house way down south.
My knee is no bueno. gonna talk to the prez about it. We have interviews soon.
gotta go love you guys. I’m safe, don’t worry.
Elder Sawyer

Answers to questions:
How many hours of meetings to you go to on Sunday?
Do you have trouble sleeping?
Nope, only when it’s really, hot but no
is it loud and noisy in your city?
when there are fireworks
what do you for breakfast, lunch and dinner? Do you eat with the members, or cook for yourself, or buy it off the street?
 We eat a lot of eggs for breakfast. We eat lunch with members -lots of milanesa and pasta pancakes. that’s pretty much it, except we found some decent cheese and bread the other day for grilled cheese. 
What personal hygiene supplies do you miss? Are they really different there?
Nope, its good, we found a shop that has more than what I need

“it’s hard to get to where the eels are.”
“This is what we caught- one eel and almost a turtle.
We’re gonna go to their house tonight and eat it.”

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