Monday, October 6, 2014

October 6, 2014- in La Plata with Elder Delgado

“On the bus, it costs 3 pesos. The best comparison for riding it is the Indiana Jones ride at Disneyland, except it takes off when you’re still hanging off the edge
and there’s not a lot of seats.”
So right after we emailed last week we went out behind the church and there were some nonmembers playing soccer, so naturally we joined in. It was probably the “funnest” time I have had since I’ve been here. We then went and taught a really good lesson. So yeah, last P-day was pretty good. The next day was pretty good too. This family made these empenadas for us and they were honestly the best food I’ve had here so far.
The part about this week that was rough was that our water was shut off. So it was back to bucket showers and never having clean dishes.
Also we had to travel into the city this week to do some of my visa stuff. BA is huge!  I’m starting to realize how different me and Andrews’s missions probably are. I’m not used to all the people and the big buildings. Also a lot of times when I’m sitting in members homes I feel like it’s probably closer to like Italy than to Mexico.  It’s strange.
 Conference was really good. I can’t ever remember being this excited for conference. I got to watch it in English with other missionaries, while Elder Delgado watched it in Spanish with our investigators. We were pretty happy we had investigators at almost all of the sessions.
My knee bugs the heck out of me. I gotta get it fixed. I talked to the prez about it. It’s good cause apparently my area is like the medical central for Argentina, especially knees.
Everyone asks me about the weather. So here’s the weather report. It was actually a little chilly this week and it poured this weekend. The streets are literally flooded right now. You know it’s bad when the ditches on the side of the roads are over flowing, but it’s nice and a big change from AZ.
Spanish is coming slowly but surely like everything else.
Oh and I ate cow heart from a stand on the side of the road so that was cool.
Love you all,
 Elder Sawyer


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