Monday, November 17, 2014

November 17, 2014- in La Plata with Elder Delgado

"the gangs all back together, almost"
Elders May, Sawyer and Allen

So this week was probably one of the best, if not the best of my mission. First off, I got my first haircut here and I cut someone’s hair for the first time. Me and Elder Delgado borrowed a hair cutter thing from an investigator and cut each other’s hair. The back of his hair is a little slanted but other than that I didn’t do too bad.

After that we had interviews with the prez which is always good. They gave us some peanut butter sandwiches and I got my paper package. Thanks for the drawings. I liked all the different plays, also the recipes, though some of them (not all of them) made me laugh. There’s no way I can find half that  stuff here. Also the knee stuff I got that got sent in right away. Hopefully the doc will get back to me real quick.

After Tuesday we had like our one normal day of the week which was good. We found this one gy who’s really religious. He calls his sons Nephi and John the Baptist. He’s really cool. We taught him the lesson and gave him a LDM. Also we set a date for the end of the month with Lucas, he’s 12 years old and super ready. His family is not active, but he’s really excited to go to church and stuff.
So Thursday we went to Adrogue (had to get up at 4:00 am) to hear Elder Nelson. We rode the train, sometimes it’s so crowded with people and kids that we can’t move. And there’s usually someone playing music or singing or playing the bongos for money. It was crazy, like 250 missionaires and we all got to shake his hand. It was awesome. They spoke a lot on our purpose. My favorite parts was his wife who said that we all come to earth with a to do list. One of those things on the list is to serve e a faithful mission in Argentina. It was great and after I saw all my MTC amigos Sorry don’t have any more time.

Love you all,
Elder Sawyer

1- what is your favorite lesson to teach?
1- leccion 1 the Spanish is a little bit easier and therefore I can teach it easier.

 2- what is your favorite scripture story? why?
2- when Teancum goes in and kills Amalikiah. for obvious reasons.

3- How many dogs have chased you on your mission? how many have caught you?
3- since we got the bikes I think almost all of them. They usually just bark and bite at the tires. whoever’s riding behind usually just tries to run them over and they run away. }}

4- what could you "absolutely not live without" in the mission field?
4- eggs
5- what is your favorite drink to drink on your mission, besides water? how often do you drink it?
5- the gatorade here is really good, especially apple flavored in a glass bottle. It’s expensive though, so not too often.

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