Monday, November 24, 2014

November 24, 2014- in La Plata with Elder Delgado

"Elder Stowell, my district leader and me"

So you guys wanted some info on Elder Nelson. To be honest I liked his wife’s talk more. She talked a lot about the premortal existence and looking through our spiritual eyes. She also talked a lot about getting answers from the scriptures, not just spiritual questions either. She left us a promise if we pray, thank God for the scriptures and then ask Him any question and then just read the scriptures we’ll find our answer. Also, to make a  column like this:

Date                    ?                          where you found the answer            answer



Pretty cool.

Elder Nelson talked about a lot of different things. It was sorta like a “you had to be there” experience. But the cool thing was the end where he gave us an Apostolic promise or blessing. Mostly about feasting on the words of Christ. But ya, it was really cool. Nothing really special happened this week, except we found a few more people to teach. Also, we had a pretty good asistencia (translate: attendance). This week the goal is 76 people in church. This week we had 74 which is really good cause the average is usually like 60 Lucas is progressing, he should be ready for this week. Elder Delgado’s probably leaving and I’ll be staying here. Little nervous, but I don’t think it will be a problem. I hope I get a Paraguayan companion so I can get the accent down

I’ve talked to the doctor he gave me some exercises. I’m going to see a specialist tomorrow. I think they’re going to aspirate it again. I forgot about all these holidays. I hope you guys have fun with them. There’s some holiday today but its pouring so I don’t think there’s gonna be a lot of celebrating.

1- what are some service things you have done?
 1-built a fence, shoveled dirt, we’re gonna go paint tomorrow, we helped fix a road in a hospital.
2- what is the landscape like?
 2-lots of trash, lots of dirt roads- on the outside of our area it’s just big fields.
3- what was the most unusual thing you ate this week? most common?
 3- most common- milanesa. Me and Elder Stowell ate a ton of fracturas (doughnuts) one day -somebody opened a bakery, so every family we visited gave them to us.

Love you all. Have a good week.
Elder Sawyer

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