Monday, December 15, 2014

December 15, 2014- in La Plata with Elder Delgado

this is what asada looks like when you're cooking it-
this is in the back of our church building during a ward party

missionary tan lines
 So this week we had a big tri-zone conference. La Plata, La Plata East and West. It was really cool. It’s nice to just listen once in a while. Also, they gave us asada. Asada is just alike a big barbecue. Just tons of meat and chorizo and then ice-cream. We also learned that the plan thing I told you about with working with menos activos that’s like the missionary work now. It’s kinda weird. Sometimes I feel like a full time home teacher. Here’s sorta what happened in our mission when they started doing this in May.

Mostly we just try to focus on the birth of Christ in our contacts and stuff. Just use this time of year to sort of focus on that since there’s a lot more people focusing on that stuff. It’s a good thing cause it’s something all these religions and us have in common.

We’re changing up a lot of things. Like in weekly call in reports we only report the asistencia and confirmmations. It sorta makes sense though, this plan. There’s enough inactive people here to keep us busy, but it also means we get to deal with a lot of the ward problems. We like to compare the people here to the weather. One day it’s beautiful, the sun is shining and people are going to church. The next day it’s storming and people are mad at the Bishop, then next it’s a billion degrees out and doesn’t no one wants to talk to us. It’s ok though we enjoy it and we do have investigators .

We’re really excited for a Hermana named Claudia. We met her at our chapel open house. She got to church yesterday all on her own with 2 little kids.  Here in Argentina that’s a real accomplishment.

I went to a knee doctor and he told me I had a torn meniscus. This music thing has been kind of a pain. I really just want to get hymns stuck in my head. The music I like at home is really popular here. I see a ton of Guns n Roses shirts. I translated the meaning of the Metallica song one the other day for a member that reminds me of grandma. I’ve had the final countdown stuck in my head for a week. and I found out that KISS is coming to Argentina. It’s funny to walk into members houses that are listening to this stuff and they have no idea what its saying.

 I’m doing good.  Love you all :)
Be nice to each other.
Elder Sawyer

 1- Do all the pictures make you homesick or do you like getting them? -
1-no, I like them

2- need anything that I can send you?
2-list of spanish reflexive verbs.  king follet sermon by joseph smith

3- Do the Argentine people have tattoos like Americans do?
3-yea lots of tats. lots of piercings too -the eyebrow piercing is really big. Argentina is really is a lot more European then like Mexican. We talk to more white people than brown people. 

4- How are the grocery stores different from the US?
4-dirty. not a whole ton of options. milk comes in bags, so does yogurt. we also go to fruit stands. 

5- have you used your "medical kit" that we made?  what are you so glad we packed?
5- band aids and anti-itch cream are good. 

6- spoken in church recently?
6- I probably wont in El Carmen, but we gave a presentation to the ward for Christmas the other day. 

7- what did you eat this week? list at least 10 things.
7- rice, chorizo, asada. Bananas, eggs. nothing else

8- how is the Christmas call gonna work?  Skype, time?

8- were still not sure where were gonna skype yet were trying to find someone with two computers so we can do it at the same time. probably not as long as Andrew did.

that is the corner our house is  on- the left side, the 3rd door down. we shop across the street.
yes, it's  a noisy and busy street- there's the kids here that ride around on motorcycles
and they do something to make them pop like gun shots
(from Google Earth)


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