Monday, December 29, 2014

December 29, 2014- in La Plata with Elder Delgado

So this week was pretty fun. Christmas in the mission is pretty cool, I guess.  It didn’t really feel like Christmas though because it was like a million degrees outside, but whatever.  We spent the night of the 24th with the familia Sotomayor.  They’re like my favorite and we just got them to start coming back to church, which is really cool.  They cooked us asada which translates to barbecue but there’s also a type of meat here called asado.  It’s basically just big slabs of meat. It was ridiculous how much meat he cooked for us.  We probably at half of it and he sent the rest home with us.  We’ve been eating it for the last couple of days.  After that at like 10:30 he drove us home so the drunk people couldn’t get us.  Then we met up with the other Elders in our district, in our apartment, because they didn’t have power.  We then had permission to watch a Disney movie, so the 4 of us watch Frozen.  Then at 12 we watched all the fireworks.  It was like a warzone.  They just kept going all night.  The next day the streets were dead because everyone had been up drinking and partying.  Then we skyped which was fun.  It was really cool to get to talk to Andrew too.  After that it all went back to normal pretty quick.  We’ve been out and around a lot so we’ve been pretty tired and a little sick, but it’s all going good.  We had a mtg with the stake where we learned we are now officially working with visiting teachers, it’s kind of weird.  I feel like a full time visiting teacher sometimes, but it’s good.  The ferria (a bunch of shops and stuff in one big building thing, sort of like a mall, but not really) in our area is open today, so we’re planning on spending a lot of P-day there?  Love you guys.

Elder Sawyer
1- do people have pets? in their houses or outside, what kinds?
1.  like everyone has a dog- they’re just everywhere, mostly for protection and stuff. You know those birds Andrew was showing you? One peed on my hand yesterday. 

2- do you eat from the street vendors?  what? how do you choose which ones to eat from?
2.  yea we eat from whatever. 

3- what has been your favorite p-day activity?
3. soccer 

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