Monday, December 28, 2015

December 28, 2015- in Aldo Bonzi with Elder Ponce


You know it’s your 2nd Christmas in the mission when the only other person that writes you for Christmas is an ex comp hahahahahahaha. Besides you Mom and Dad!

Christmas was good. A little slow. I would have liked to have spent it in Longchamps. Las fiestas there are pretty great. But it was good we spent it with some recent converts and ate a ton of meat. So much that I got sick. Good thing we had to stay in the pesh the day after. It’s really really hot herewwwwwwww but I like it. Sorry the w button on this computer is broken. So you’re gonna have to take out some w’s. 

We had a baptism the other day which was cool. A kid named Josue. He’s a really good kid and has lots of good questions. We’ve started talking to his friends that are adventistas del septimo dia. idk if that exists in Mexico but they really like the Bible. My comp is also one of those people that really really like the Bible. So the other day after church we did divisions with investigators in church. I went with some new ones that we had and my comp stayed with the others from the septimo dia. I taught for like 40 minutes- it was really good. They accepted the book of Mormon and everything. It was solid. I was expecting my comp to finish around the same time. But when my group finished he was still in there. So naturally I went in to the lesson to see how it was going. hahahaha it was just a big Bible fight. It was pretty interesting. I didn’t get too involved cause it was already unproductive but I learned a lot about why arguing isn’t good and why we have the LDM (book of Mormon). 

The area is really good- we find lots of new people every day. For Christmas lunch I ate on the roof of like a 5 story building in the middle of the villa. That was pretty cool. Oh yeah we planned a super awesome activity for our zone- we played white elephant and stuff. It was really cool and the zone loves us now. Life’s good.  you guys need to send me a pic of spike ball. I can’t see videos here right now. Love you guys lots!!!

Elder Sawyer

Question from Dad:
Where is your camera?
I lost it when people broke into my house and stole it. Don’t tell mom. Another elder that was on his way home gave me his.
Sister Ostler, Elder May (my best friend from the MTC) and me
got to see them at the temple
we were in the same MTC district 

Monday, December 21, 2015

December 21, 2015- in Aldo Bonzi with Elder Ponce

Dear family, I’m gonna keep this short cause we’re gonna have a real life conversation on Friday. We get 40 minutes and I’m gonna call at like 4 o’clock my time. So be ready. The biggest news is that I’ve been transferred from the Buenos Aires South Argentina mission to the Buenos Aires South Bolivia mission. It’s really like a little Bolivia here. It was like another culture shock. It’s a lot of ghetto area, but like a rich ghetto. It’s interesting. Lots and lots of receptive people. Apparently we’re gonna have a consistent flow of investigators that attend church, but progress slowly to baptism. We have a girl that wants to be a missionary and has been investigating the church for months and does visits with us and everything but still is  waiting to be baptised. Yesterday in a lesson she committed another investigator to be baptsied. It’s been kinda difficult adjusting. It’s really different then Longchamps, but I’m really seeing how I’m gonna learn a lot here. My comp is really good he was in the West mission so we have a few different ways of doing things. It’s fun being a zone leader. We got to plan an activity the other night. We went and sang at a park close to the temple. (by the way my house in Argentina is as close to a temple as my house in Arizona) it was really good till there was a delay in the act in front of us. We had to get permission to be out a little late and then we spent like an hour trying to get all the taxis figured out for the zone. But it was good.
love you guys. By the way Hermana Oster the only person that was in my MTC district that is still in this mision is now in my distrct and yesterday we ran into Elder May, my best friend from the MTC at the temple. It’s fun to go to the temple because we always run into someone. 

Elder Sawyer

Monday, December 14, 2015

December 14, 2015- in Longchamps with Elder Villalon

So like Hermano Armijo told you I’m no longer in Longchamps :(  It’s been a sad couple of days. It was a good Barrio and we did a lot of good things there. Hermano Armijo is kinda crazy, the asistencia didn’t go up that much (65-120) but we did have a ton of success and they’re gonna keep having success for a long time.  There are a lot of people that are ready to be baptised in a little bit. Honestly I think it was harder leaving Longchamps than it was leaving home. At least I know I’m gonna see all you guys eventualmente. It was funny the Armijo’s did not like me my fist month here. Like at all. They don’t really like some of the rules that we have. The elders before weren’t really following those rules until I got there. But now the Armijo’s love me and are trying to make up excuses to come visit me. They’re also building their house right now and they’re gonna send you guys pics that you need to send to me. Thanks. Villalon is gonna train there now in Longchamps. I tried to convince prez to send him to be a zone leader instead of me and let me stay and train again, but whatever. It reminds me of something coach Schureman said to me after we lost state.  "Sometimes life sucks" hahahaha. 
 I’m with elder Ponce a Chileno. We’re the zone leaders here in Aldo Bonci. We have 22 missionaries, a normal size zone, 6 hermanas. The area isn’t very big, but it’s kinda complicated with the streets. It’s part of what was the West mission a while ago. I like it already. My comp is super tranquillo and a hard worker. I’m pumped to just get after it right now. My comp says that the area is doing super good and that the ward is great. Lots of Bolivians and people from Peru. It’s gonna be fun, I know nothing about the zone except that we have the temple in it! Wooo!  that means I can go and take people whenever I want. I’m not gonna have a lot more time to write today, but we will talk on Christmas anyway.
 Elder Sawyer 
“This is Joel on his birthday. I baptized him. We floured him. It was pretty funny.” 


“This is lunch with the Armijo’s in front of their house. It’s too hot to be inside."

Monday, December 7, 2015

December 7, 2015- in Longchamps with Elder Villalon

So it was a good week. We lost the phone. My phone. It was like the best phone in the mission and I’ve had it here my whole time so I was kinda sad, but it made things complicated, but fun. It’s good having lots of friends that let you borrow their phones.  

“This is the garden we made with MartaI think our phone is buried in there somewhereThe kid with the glass is my Brazilian best friend. 
People are gonna get married and baptized, but I probably won’t be around to see it -which stinks, especially with the familia Fernandez. We’ve done so much work with them and they are so awesome, but marriages take more time so I’m gonna be super pumped to see some pics in like two months.  

We had stake conference yesterday. We heard from our president and from a Seventy from Chile. It was cool and I got to introduce Prez to all the recent converts we have after the mtg. Hermana Armijo also went and let him know that he shouldn’t change me. That was pretty funny. It’s gonna be tough to leave. I think I’m gonna come build a house here after the mission.  

Go look at Facebook there should be lots of pics and stuff. Go Cardinals. I love you all. Did Ryan and Kyle die or something?  Write me a letter!  Looks like it was a fun Bday party for Abby. My best friend here had his birthday the day after yours. He’s three and he invited me to his party. We went and ate a hamburger and talked to all the peopleIt was pretty fun. Don’t tell me how much time I have left I’m not counting.  
Love you! 
Have a good week and good luck. 
Elder Sawyer 

1- did you get to the temple to do a session? what is different about the BA temple? is it weird doing the session in Spanish or are you totally fluent now? 
1- the temple session is pretty simple in spanishits weird though casue it talks in vosotrosits all in future tense. i actully like it more cause i pay atention more processing everthing.  

2-what else did you do at the Zone Activity? 
2- we went to a family’s house in another area ate asado and played soccer. It was a lot of fun. It was fun playing on grass 

3- plans for Christmas with the whole mission?  
3- none that I know of. We aren’t gonna go anywhere for 3 days that’s for sure. I don’t know if I’m even gonna be here in Longchamps which really stinks.  

4-best thing you ate this week? 
4- I’m gonna go eat right now. The ward is making a giant asado, like a giant one.  I saw the slabs of meat –it’s like half a cow cooking right now.