Monday, January 5, 2015

January 5, 2014- in La Plata with Elder Delgado

Elder Sawyer and Elder Delgado

So it was a pretty hectic week this week.  Lots of visiting and lots of listening. New Year’s was fun. We spent it with the familia Conseca. They are super cool and funny. We played Uno and a card game similar to spoons. I learned a new word that night, “tramposo”, it means cheater. I lost, but it definitely wasn't a fair game :-) We ate some more meat. I think we probably ate a whole cow this week. Every meal it feels like they just give us a little rice and then tons of meat. Chori, carne and pollo. I'm not really complaining- it's amazing how much we eat sometimes. Also we watched the Lego movie on New Year's with our district leaders.
The fireworks are crazy here. I couldn't get a picture with one but these giant paper and wood muñecas (dolls), Like the big ones are 20 to 30 yards tall. They make them in the image of like cartoon characters. Then they fill them with fireworks and blow them up. I wish we could have seen one blowup at midnight. It would've been cool.
With investigators we have some progressing slowly but 2 ladies that we teach are going really fast.  They both have tons of questions which is great because the Gospel has the answers.
We just changed to 9:00 am church and we start with Priesthood. It’s kinda weird but easier for people to get to Sacrament meeting.
The lesson for this week is be nice to each other and don't start rumors, especially people in the ward - just be friends, it's not that hard. Do your calling and be polite. And if you're a missionary don't be an idiot.
We found out a lot of stuff this week about our area, now we know why our barrio’s struggling. It just shows how little things can wreck it for everyone else. Well, love you guys hope you had a great New Year's

Elder Sawyer

1- Do all the kids go to school? and then college? or get a job?
 1. a lot of them drop out and just work. a lot just don’t want to go to college. It’s weird cause its free here. We always like suggest that the kids go. Either go to college or go on a mission.

2- What is the most common form of transportation for the people? bus? taxi? personal car?
2. a few people have cars most walk and take buses-  public transportation is pretty big.

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