Wednesday, February 18, 2015

February 18, 2015- in La Plata with Elder Vargas

Bueno, so this last week and a half have been pretty good. We’ve had interviews and stuff and a lot of good things have been going on in our area. First we've been doing a lot of service at a members house and it's great because her house like doubles as a school thing so we end up contacting and meeting a lot of people there. We've been building a wall, painting gates and shoveling sand every Saturday for a while. And then we go teach the people we meet there. We taught the guy who was building the wall a lot. His name is Cristobol and he is divorced with two kids, he seems pretty interested and came to church once. The same thing with the other people we taught there. The Famlia Correa is progressing well. I am sad I won't be around for their baptism, but that's okay. It's fun to teach them because you will teach something like the word of wisdom and they'll except it really fast, then afterwards we just answer questions. We usually end up our lessons answering questions about the book of Revelations. It's fun getting questions like "can you guys like take demons out of people and stuff? " They're great and are really focus on getting baptized and learning the stuff. Other than that we've been doing a lot of contacting and finding new people, which I enjoy. Also we had another capilla abierto in our zone. This is my third one in six months which is kind of crazy. I can pretty much organize one on my own now. I'll send the pictures. Other fun things we did with our district - we watched “Meta goi” It's an Argentine film animated, it's weird. But interesting. Me and Vargas cooked a bunch of chicken and rice for it. We had so much leftover I've been eating it for breakfast and dinner for a week. I also made snickerdoodles for our last district meeting. They came out really good, the Latinos really like them. love you guys. I'll be writing from somewhere else this next week. Be smart. Don't eat too many pancakes, it's not healthy.
Elder Sawyer

PS monday and tuesday was a holiday carnival or algo. so we changed for today, that’s why this letter is late

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