Monday, February 9, 2015

February 9, 2015- in La Plata with Elder Vargas

"mowing the lawn with a machete"

"our Plan of Salvacion activity"

Quick update on investigators:
Familia C...... are gonna get baptized but I won’t be around for it cause I’m getting transferred.
M......., her boyfriend was there one day when we passed and he sorta wanted to fight us. It was kinda funny, he was like 5’ 8” and 160 pounds. Drinking is bad if you guys were wondering. She likes our message, but we probably won’t be able to pass by for a while.
L...... is young, so we have to reactivate his parents first. 
D...... is good reading the Book of Mormon and everything. She needs to come to church though and see it all. 
C....... is on vacation right now, but she asked us for a location of one of the chapels there, so hopefully we can find one for her. 

Sorry I don’t have more time love you guys be smart. Don’t use pickaxes. I’m starting to get Andrews sleep walking problems. I woke up the other night because there were spiders in my bed. I ended up sleeping on the floor for half the night. By the way there are spiders everywhere here. I probably kill a spider every day.
Elder Sawyer

PS  next P-day is Wednesday, because of Carnival.

1-what kind of candy do the kids eat?

normal stuff, it’s mostly the same stuff as the states with different names. M&M’s are called rocklets
2- How is the language coming for you? feel like you got it down?

Great I can’t roll my r’s to save my life
3- How is the language between you and your comp? can you talk in Spanish about everyday stuff or just church words?

I’m pretty good about talking about food and sports too
4-Has your companion cooked any Brazilian food yet?

There’s not really Brazilian food where he is from. He borders with Uruguay
5- What is the last thing you laughed about, really hard?

DJ’s letter acting like I know what happened in the super bowl 

"this is the sign on the way to the temple"

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