Tuesday, March 31, 2015

March 31, 2015- in Quilmes with Elder Mortenson

Zone Meeting

So this week was really kinda slow. We have had a lot of citas fall but we do have a lot of people reading the book of Mormon which is good, so there’s always lots of hope. The mission has been struggling with baptisms lately so we’re focusing on that a ton right now. We’ve done a lot of contacting- ran into a lot of weird things. The winner though was these guys who stopped their car to talk to us in the street- it was cool- Mortenson was on one side talking to one and I was on the other with the other guy. The guy started telling me about how the story of Christ had happened a ton of times. Like the Egyptian sun God Ra had a son Horus who had 12 apostles and died for us. That was kinda weird. It was all based off of sun movements and stuff. We’re gonna go talk to him and his friend some more. His friend was a little less crazy. 

 The other weird things that are actually really big here are San la Muerte and Gauchito Gil. They make like no sense. Google those little guys –they’re all over the place- people build little red houses and offer life sacrifices of cigarettes and alcohol to them. Our joke is that Gauchito Gil should be the mascot for the Quilmes beer brand here, sorta like the most interesting man in the world commercials. 

Not a whole ton of new stuff -questions would be good. I’ve sorta adjusted to living in Argentina so things don’t take me off guard too much. 

 It’s been good with elder Mortenson. He knows a lot of bible stuff so we always end up chatting about that. Also usually how Jehovah’s Witnesses are wrong. (He’s not a big fan of them) 

We’re both super pumped for general conference. We think were gonna make a big meal with other missionaries in between the sessions and make tacos. 

 Love you guys- try not to run into soccer poles. 
Elder Sawyer

Oh yeah did Andrew bring presets? what?

Quilmes District

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

March 25, 2015- in Quilmes with Elder Mortenson

Elder Mortenson and Elder Sawyer
So I’m not gonna give a whole big overview of everyone and everything, but I’ll fill you in on a few big things, partly cause it’s been nine days and I don’t remember very well, but I’ll try. 

 One day we had asado con some random guys. One was like an old investigator that the other elders dropped and I think it was because he’s pretty crazy. Mortenson ran into him on an intercambio and he invited us for lunch and to visit. So we got there and he is with all his friends, they were all over 70 years old I think. It was interesting- it shows how diverse Argentina is -one was Japanese, one was Italian, one was Argentinian and the other I think was a Spaniard, and then us the two white kids (most people ask us if we’re from Germany) they were all half drunk and smoking. It was an interesting time. Some of our topics included 
-eating people after the world population grows too high and which country we were gonna eat first.
-all the different types of cuts of meat the Argentines have.
-one guy really liked the idea of the old Mormons (polygamy) 
It was really interesting, but it was good asado so I’m not gonna complain. 

 Next, an investigator. So we have A... and M..... Before they can get baptized M.... has to get divorced and then they have to get married. They’re working super hard at it. Talking with the lawyer and everything. A.... looks like a guy that should be named A....., between the tattoos and earrings he’s a pretty scary looking guy. Lives in the middle of the villa. It’s funny cause 5 days a week him and M.... open up their home and feed all the poor kids in the villa. They have like a soup kitchen deal that they do. A.... has been to church and loves it. We just gave him a triple and he thought it was the coolest thing in the world. He also said a prayer at the end of priesthood and was super nervous. He’s a super nice guy. We’ve taught them a bunch and were hoping for the translado that’s coming up for them to be ready. 

Today we had our district activity and we played the game where you tie a balloon to your leg and you have to pop other peoples. I won and almost ran over a few hermanas in the process. I have a video I don’t know how to send it though. 

Those are the highlights. It’s starting to get cold here, I pulled out the sweaters today. I like making grilled cheese right now. We saw a dead, ran over cat on our street that was kinda gross. The joke we have here is that when a dog or something dies it will usually stay there until it smells so bad someone lights it on fire.

Love you guys -have fun this week 
Elder Sawyer

Monday, March 16, 2015

March 16, 2015- in Quilmes with Elder Mortenson

Holy cow he’s gonna be home!!! That just sunk in!! Tell him I said hi. wow that’s crazy. wow this just blew my mind... I don’t know if I’m gonna be able to write! It was a good week- we did a lot of good stuff and we had stake conference and zone conference so we did a lot of good things and heard prez speak a lot which  is just great.  He just has it all down so well, he pulls up things from the scriptures so fast. I gave him a call about my knee and the first thing he did was start talking about Paul and his struggles with the flesh.  I think its 2nd Corinthians 10 or 12 if you wanna read it.
Elder Mortenson likes to split our email time up partway because he’s a district leader and for some other reason, so we shopped in between, apples were really cheap today. Google alfajor- I haven’t told you guys about those yet- they are so good. If Andrew can find them in Mexico try them there, they are so good. Take some home to the other kids.

While you’re in Mexico getting Andrew, please don’t get robbed  hahahaha please please don’t get lost or robbed or anything. I can just imagine you two lost here just don’t do that!

 ok no time so bullet points
-we taught a lot and have a bunch of baptismal dates, but people need to get married and divorced and it’s a pain but they’re working really hard for it. 
- our bishop is a really great guy- we’re super lucky to have him. Night and day from my other barrio.
 -I really like reading Luke. There’s great parts and funny things. I like when Jesus calls Herod a fox.
 - conferencia de zona was good taught teaching by the spirit.

I love you guys, the church is true, my knee is fine and I’m eating good love from Argentina

Tell ugly I said hi and I’ll see him 16 months.

Elder Sawyer

Monday, March 9, 2015

March 9, 2015- in Quilmes with Elder Mortenson

So this week was a pretty good week. I’m not lying about that marriage thing and divorcement problems too. We have a lot of people that want to be baptized but are waiting on lawyers and stuff. It kind of stinks but they all have the desire so I think they’ll get there. We had some cool experiences finding people this week, one was a door knock. It was crazy, we told the wife that we would come back a week later and she said ok. When we got back the husband answered the door and we were just expecting the famous finger wave or the ‘we’re Catholics’ but he invited us in and listened to our message. He said he was really interested and had some key questions that we can answer with the book of mormon. We have a lot of other people and it’s going pretty good. Everyone seems pretty close to getting baptized they just need to make a few changes in their life. I don’t know, I’m pretty hopeful.

This ward is huge. It’s probably twice the size as el Carmen. It’s the most people I’ve seen in a chapel since the states. It’s kinda cool cause the members are super involved. I’m enjoying walking and taking trains. We should have a baptism this month for sure with a little girl we’re teaching and hopefully with one other investigator. Right now I’m really focusing in on getting better at my Spanish grammar. It helps cause my comp is really good at it. 

Food here- I cook more here than in el Carmen. My pancakes have gotten better. It’s a good thing I didn’t think to make them from scratch before the mission or else I would have been fat. 

What's the most popular girls name in Argentina? I’m not sure I call everyone hermana. Just kidding, but were teaching this 9 year old right now that is named Magaly- she’s pretty great.

I do eat a lot of fruits I like bananas. I eat mostly the same stuff I ate before the mission. Lots of chicken and rice though. I like when we eat with the Peruvians, tho, they make good spicy rice. I’ve

Yesterday was the Internacial dia de mujer so love you even more Mom.

We’re working super hard and it’s been really good.

Hope to hear from all of you. 

 Love elder Sawyer

Monday, March 2, 2015

March 2, 2015- in Quilmes with Elder Mortenson

So this week was pretty tiring -we walk a lot. and I haven’t gotten rejected so many times in my whole mission- it’s great. This area is a lot lot more rich then el Carmen-minus one little villa that we have which is nice, a villa is like a ghetto, it’s pretty sketchy, but good.  We have a lot of work there. Out of the villa we have a few solid investigators. I’m still getting to know them, the problem right now is we need to get people married and a lot of them divorced first but I think we’ll be able to get that done. It is kinda weird in the city like this, we take a train everyday. I jumped on to my first running train this week that was kinda fun. 
i made a goal I think I’m gonna read try and read the new testament and Jesus  the Christ this transfer with all the time i have reading that will be fun. 
it’s all pretty good I’ll send pics next week and write more. By the way we don’t have and apartment we have a house. We live behind some members. It’s huge. Love you guys
Elder Sawyer