Wednesday, March 25, 2015

March 25, 2015- in Quilmes with Elder Mortenson

Elder Mortenson and Elder Sawyer
So I’m not gonna give a whole big overview of everyone and everything, but I’ll fill you in on a few big things, partly cause it’s been nine days and I don’t remember very well, but I’ll try. 

 One day we had asado con some random guys. One was like an old investigator that the other elders dropped and I think it was because he’s pretty crazy. Mortenson ran into him on an intercambio and he invited us for lunch and to visit. So we got there and he is with all his friends, they were all over 70 years old I think. It was interesting- it shows how diverse Argentina is -one was Japanese, one was Italian, one was Argentinian and the other I think was a Spaniard, and then us the two white kids (most people ask us if we’re from Germany) they were all half drunk and smoking. It was an interesting time. Some of our topics included 
-eating people after the world population grows too high and which country we were gonna eat first.
-all the different types of cuts of meat the Argentines have.
-one guy really liked the idea of the old Mormons (polygamy) 
It was really interesting, but it was good asado so I’m not gonna complain. 

 Next, an investigator. So we have A... and M..... Before they can get baptized M.... has to get divorced and then they have to get married. They’re working super hard at it. Talking with the lawyer and everything. A.... looks like a guy that should be named A....., between the tattoos and earrings he’s a pretty scary looking guy. Lives in the middle of the villa. It’s funny cause 5 days a week him and M.... open up their home and feed all the poor kids in the villa. They have like a soup kitchen deal that they do. A.... has been to church and loves it. We just gave him a triple and he thought it was the coolest thing in the world. He also said a prayer at the end of priesthood and was super nervous. He’s a super nice guy. We’ve taught them a bunch and were hoping for the translado that’s coming up for them to be ready. 

Today we had our district activity and we played the game where you tie a balloon to your leg and you have to pop other peoples. I won and almost ran over a few hermanas in the process. I have a video I don’t know how to send it though. 

Those are the highlights. It’s starting to get cold here, I pulled out the sweaters today. I like making grilled cheese right now. We saw a dead, ran over cat on our street that was kinda gross. The joke we have here is that when a dog or something dies it will usually stay there until it smells so bad someone lights it on fire.

Love you guys -have fun this week 
Elder Sawyer

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