Monday, April 27, 2015

April 27, 2015- in Quilmes with Elder Mortenson

1- How are A..... and M......?
1-the problem here is we don’t need to just get people married here we have to get them divorced first.  There are so many people that are just waiting on ex-spouses to get the paper work done. It’s a real pain. 

2-how is the little girl you baptized?
2- Going to baptize. We’re not so sure her dad is gonna let her, but we got our bishop in contact with them and he’s great so it should be good. 

 3-do you ever hear from people from La Plata or past companions?
3-a little about Vargas. a family just emailed me last week. I’m starting to miss a lot of them we’re gonna go print some pictures so I can send them back.

4-eat anything weird or bad this week?
4- they have some eggplant stuff here that is kinda gross but everyone else likes it a lot. It’s probably really healthy.

 5- toe and tooth and any other health problems?
5-- all good as far as i can tell nothing hurts.-

6- do you see any American stuff there? 
6- we saw the office on in one of our investigators houses. He was making us lunch we told him that we don’t have or watch tv. he then offered to give us one of his extras which was pretty funny.

7- do you get the Dear Elders I send?
7-yes do they cost money cause you send a lot of them?

8- do you get to Skype on Mother's day?- May 10?
8-yea, we'll get that info soon i think

Elder Sawyer

The computer just deleted everything I wrote in my big letter. I’m so sorry I love you guys so much. Really I’m about to punch this computer (:

Elder Mortenson and Elder Sawyer

ward family home evening

Monday, April 20, 2015

April 20, 2015- in Quilmes with Elder Mortenson

Elder Armworthy and Elder Sawyer

So as quick as I can- this week and yes, I’m gonna answer what the pics are tranquilo mom.

So we found a lady with ancient fulletos (pamphlets) and a Book of Mormon, probably from around the time dad was a missionary. We left her with the new stuff and she’s gonna read it and yeah were going back tonight. She’s super old and kinda has a creepy house, but it’s cool. Her husband’s crazy too and we sorta offended him on accident. It’s hard being a Yankee trying to speak Spanish to old Argentines. 

next we had our intercambio and it was really cool- I was with Elder Armworthy from Canada, our zone leader. It was cool, he’s going back to play ball at Dixie college. It’s weird. Canada has weird rules like 12 men on the field, but that was all he wanted to do was talk about football and he had a ton of pics so we sorta had a moment that night reminiscing which was probably not a great thing, I miss it a lot, but yeah it was cool and we got a lot of stuff down. He interviewed our nine year old baptismal candidate and she passed so we are happy.

I’m running out of time, but a funny thing- I can’t pray in English anymore we went to the Hermana’s English class the other day and they asked me to end it with a prayer. It was weird, I was like thinking in Spanish and translating it into English. It came out weird. 

Tell bishop thanks and tell Kendra sorry I keep telling myself I’m gonna write her and then forget at the very end. Ryan go to the dance. Andrew can teach you how to dance. Abby just jeep it up. Kyle learn to ride a bike haha. Mom fix my errors please, sorry. Dad run some laps. Andrew have you gone swimming in one of those pools yet? hhahahaha love you guys and the train pic is 1 house away from where we live. love you guys

Love, Elder Sawyer

1-are the people on the streets friendly?
1-generally they’ll say hi back and will talk to us but a lot aren’t very interested in what we’re doing.

2- do they play other sports?
2-there are the weirdoes that play basketball. No, soccer is the sport here. Some girls play field hockey. I would probably be considered decent at basketball here

3-how is your tooth?

3- yeah I talked to Hermana Thurgood.  I’ll try to send you a picture. There’s a mission doc that would do it for cheap, I just would have to set up the appointment which would be a pain. 

Monday, April 13, 2015

April 13, 2015- in Quimes with Elder Mortenson

F......., were re-activating him, he was baptized when he was 8 in Paraguay and moved here. He lost contact with the church. He’s 17 and super active in his other church and likes the Bible a lot. We’re working on him to get him back in the right church. Yesterday he said he would like to serve a mision so we'll see what happens.

So it was a pretty normal week. Not a ton to report. We lost some people this week so it was kinda tough. But we are still going strong with A...... and M....... We had the chance to fast with them yesterday and it was really cool- it was funny to hear their reactions. They weren’t a big fan of the no food thing but they got over it. We’re really praying for their divorce to go through so that they can be baptized.  Another fun thing- I had an intercambio where we were in a tripanionship. It wasn’t a very productive day cause the elder whose area we were in was a little lost, but it was super fun. We sorta just wandered a little looking for old investigators and menos activos.  We ended up not getting a whole ton done, but did get to meet some new people. For lunch we made empanadas and talked in their apartment which was nice. 
Other than that we’re really just looking for more people to teach right now.
Love you guys keep it up
Elder Sawyer

1-Do you like reading about all the stuff we do or is it distracting or make you homesick?
1-Nope, it’s good stuff and funny!

2-how do you keep all your appointments organized? 
2- we have agendas and lots of paper work and stuff

3-is it the middle of summer still or fall or what?
3- it looks like fall should- all the leaves are falling off the trees, not like in Arizona

4- wearing sweaters?
4-not yet

5-Tell us more about Quilmes? How big is it?
5- it’s about the size of Phoenix. I take trains every day. We live on the side of the tracks that have less of the big buildings, but it’s still pretty big and populated.

6- What do the people do for work?
6 -I’m not so sure. There are a lot of big factories here that seems to take up most of it. It’s a lot more modern then La Plata.

7- restaurants? What do people do for entertainment? 
7 -tons of restaurants that are really, really expensive. We don’t eat out a lot. Entertainment is drugs, alcohol, stuff like that. 

ward activity where they set up a special room for us and 
one for the sisters to eat dinner in 

at Axle’s house with some more chocolate people gave us.

our taco salad with Doritos we made.

after general conference with chocolate eggs from the sisters for Easter. 

Sunday, April 5, 2015

April 6, 2015- in Quilmes with Elder Mortenson


 So yea it was good- it’s like a big party for missionaries. I watched almost all of it in Spanish but missed some parts cause we had investigators coming so we had to go get them. Also the session I watched in English started cutting out so I missed Bednar’s which made me really sad. Is everything ok with Prez Monson? I only saw him once. We got A.... and M.... there which was really good except they didn’t make it to the session where Monson spoke so they were kinda bummed. 

 We’re looking to have a good transfer. We have a lot of hope with a lot of people. kinda sad though we’re losing most of my favorite people from the Zone. 

 For Easter we didn’t do a whole ton. Everyone is watching Christ movies, so it makes our work harder and easier. One everyone wants to talk about Christ more, but two everyone only wants to talk about movies. Oh look this up on wikipedia this guy wanted to watch a 2 hour youtube video with us. Zeitgeist. That guy is crazy but pretty smart and he wants to read the Book of Mormon.  So we’ll see. We played a little bit of b-ball with him. Oh yeah I saw Duke playing somebody else as we were walking to conference. How’s all that going -any big stories? I was also wondering what’s going on in the world. We had a guy tell us that the US was at war with Venezuela? Oh and can you buy the song called Rude. It’s funny -it just popped up at random parts of my mission- it’s just funny. 

 The deep spiritual suggestion for the week is read the scriptures. All the answers are there. Literally all of them- trust me I’ve found a lot of stuff this week that was just like wow- Nefi was right about this stuff. (Philippians 1, corintos y Moroni 8) 

 Love you guys, say your prayers, run lots of laps (all of you), read the scriptures and get good grades. 

 Elder Carson Santiago (it’s so cool how my name changes in Spanish) Sawsher

P.S. I get a lot of smack for not writing good letters but I think the only one that answered one of my questions this week was Abby- about whether or not she saved the goal when she tried to knock a pole over with her head. 

1-still wearing your retainer?
-yea flossing underneath is getting easier

2-how is your health? answer more than just good/bad

-knee has been bad for over a year. I smacked it again the other day. I have two big lumps on my patella and it sorta feels like dead weight sometimes, so if you could ask somebody if I’ll be able to run in 3 years that would relieve a lot of stress.
-Ingrown toenail- I’m using that book you sent with me to treat it and its helping
-I have like a whole in one of my front teeth I can see. I’m not sure if it’s a cavity or something- it doesn’t hurt.

4- getting cold? wearing sweaters yet?

-it’s about too

5-What has been the easiest thing about being on a mission so far?

-Getting up and studying

6- What has been the most unexpected thing?

-How good my Spanish is getting

7-What one thing would you change about your current situation? 
-2 good knees

8- What do you look forward to the most at the beginning of each week?
we usually go buy chori pan on p-day to start it off(: oh yeah me and Mortenson have another transfer together

9- What did you do for Easter?
- we watched Conference. I ate some chocolate eggs. It’s mostly just the holy week for Catholics and we spend time correcting all the things see in on the tv about Christ

"the ward did a giant family home evening, I'm in the back in the white shirt, leaning against the wall"