Monday, April 13, 2015

April 13, 2015- in Quimes with Elder Mortenson

F......., were re-activating him, he was baptized when he was 8 in Paraguay and moved here. He lost contact with the church. He’s 17 and super active in his other church and likes the Bible a lot. We’re working on him to get him back in the right church. Yesterday he said he would like to serve a mision so we'll see what happens.

So it was a pretty normal week. Not a ton to report. We lost some people this week so it was kinda tough. But we are still going strong with A...... and M....... We had the chance to fast with them yesterday and it was really cool- it was funny to hear their reactions. They weren’t a big fan of the no food thing but they got over it. We’re really praying for their divorce to go through so that they can be baptized.  Another fun thing- I had an intercambio where we were in a tripanionship. It wasn’t a very productive day cause the elder whose area we were in was a little lost, but it was super fun. We sorta just wandered a little looking for old investigators and menos activos.  We ended up not getting a whole ton done, but did get to meet some new people. For lunch we made empanadas and talked in their apartment which was nice. 
Other than that we’re really just looking for more people to teach right now.
Love you guys keep it up
Elder Sawyer

1-Do you like reading about all the stuff we do or is it distracting or make you homesick?
1-Nope, it’s good stuff and funny!

2-how do you keep all your appointments organized? 
2- we have agendas and lots of paper work and stuff

3-is it the middle of summer still or fall or what?
3- it looks like fall should- all the leaves are falling off the trees, not like in Arizona

4- wearing sweaters?
4-not yet

5-Tell us more about Quilmes? How big is it?
5- it’s about the size of Phoenix. I take trains every day. We live on the side of the tracks that have less of the big buildings, but it’s still pretty big and populated.

6- What do the people do for work?
6 -I’m not so sure. There are a lot of big factories here that seems to take up most of it. It’s a lot more modern then La Plata.

7- restaurants? What do people do for entertainment? 
7 -tons of restaurants that are really, really expensive. We don’t eat out a lot. Entertainment is drugs, alcohol, stuff like that. 

ward activity where they set up a special room for us and 
one for the sisters to eat dinner in 

at Axle’s house with some more chocolate people gave us.

our taco salad with Doritos we made.

after general conference with chocolate eggs from the sisters for Easter. 

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