Monday, April 20, 2015

April 20, 2015- in Quilmes with Elder Mortenson

Elder Armworthy and Elder Sawyer

So as quick as I can- this week and yes, I’m gonna answer what the pics are tranquilo mom.

So we found a lady with ancient fulletos (pamphlets) and a Book of Mormon, probably from around the time dad was a missionary. We left her with the new stuff and she’s gonna read it and yeah were going back tonight. She’s super old and kinda has a creepy house, but it’s cool. Her husband’s crazy too and we sorta offended him on accident. It’s hard being a Yankee trying to speak Spanish to old Argentines. 

next we had our intercambio and it was really cool- I was with Elder Armworthy from Canada, our zone leader. It was cool, he’s going back to play ball at Dixie college. It’s weird. Canada has weird rules like 12 men on the field, but that was all he wanted to do was talk about football and he had a ton of pics so we sorta had a moment that night reminiscing which was probably not a great thing, I miss it a lot, but yeah it was cool and we got a lot of stuff down. He interviewed our nine year old baptismal candidate and she passed so we are happy.

I’m running out of time, but a funny thing- I can’t pray in English anymore we went to the Hermana’s English class the other day and they asked me to end it with a prayer. It was weird, I was like thinking in Spanish and translating it into English. It came out weird. 

Tell bishop thanks and tell Kendra sorry I keep telling myself I’m gonna write her and then forget at the very end. Ryan go to the dance. Andrew can teach you how to dance. Abby just jeep it up. Kyle learn to ride a bike haha. Mom fix my errors please, sorry. Dad run some laps. Andrew have you gone swimming in one of those pools yet? hhahahaha love you guys and the train pic is 1 house away from where we live. love you guys

Love, Elder Sawyer

1-are the people on the streets friendly?
1-generally they’ll say hi back and will talk to us but a lot aren’t very interested in what we’re doing.

2- do they play other sports?
2-there are the weirdoes that play basketball. No, soccer is the sport here. Some girls play field hockey. I would probably be considered decent at basketball here

3-how is your tooth?

3- yeah I talked to Hermana Thurgood.  I’ll try to send you a picture. There’s a mission doc that would do it for cheap, I just would have to set up the appointment which would be a pain. 

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