Monday, April 27, 2015

April 27, 2015- in Quilmes with Elder Mortenson

1- How are A..... and M......?
1-the problem here is we don’t need to just get people married here we have to get them divorced first.  There are so many people that are just waiting on ex-spouses to get the paper work done. It’s a real pain. 

2-how is the little girl you baptized?
2- Going to baptize. We’re not so sure her dad is gonna let her, but we got our bishop in contact with them and he’s great so it should be good. 

 3-do you ever hear from people from La Plata or past companions?
3-a little about Vargas. a family just emailed me last week. I’m starting to miss a lot of them we’re gonna go print some pictures so I can send them back.

4-eat anything weird or bad this week?
4- they have some eggplant stuff here that is kinda gross but everyone else likes it a lot. It’s probably really healthy.

 5- toe and tooth and any other health problems?
5-- all good as far as i can tell nothing hurts.-

6- do you see any American stuff there? 
6- we saw the office on in one of our investigators houses. He was making us lunch we told him that we don’t have or watch tv. he then offered to give us one of his extras which was pretty funny.

7- do you get the Dear Elders I send?
7-yes do they cost money cause you send a lot of them?

8- do you get to Skype on Mother's day?- May 10?
8-yea, we'll get that info soon i think

Elder Sawyer

The computer just deleted everything I wrote in my big letter. I’m so sorry I love you guys so much. Really I’m about to punch this computer (:

Elder Mortenson and Elder Sawyer

ward family home evening

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