Monday, March 16, 2015

March 16, 2015- in Quilmes with Elder Mortenson

Holy cow he’s gonna be home!!! That just sunk in!! Tell him I said hi. wow that’s crazy. wow this just blew my mind... I don’t know if I’m gonna be able to write! It was a good week- we did a lot of good stuff and we had stake conference and zone conference so we did a lot of good things and heard prez speak a lot which  is just great.  He just has it all down so well, he pulls up things from the scriptures so fast. I gave him a call about my knee and the first thing he did was start talking about Paul and his struggles with the flesh.  I think its 2nd Corinthians 10 or 12 if you wanna read it.
Elder Mortenson likes to split our email time up partway because he’s a district leader and for some other reason, so we shopped in between, apples were really cheap today. Google alfajor- I haven’t told you guys about those yet- they are so good. If Andrew can find them in Mexico try them there, they are so good. Take some home to the other kids.

While you’re in Mexico getting Andrew, please don’t get robbed  hahahaha please please don’t get lost or robbed or anything. I can just imagine you two lost here just don’t do that!

 ok no time so bullet points
-we taught a lot and have a bunch of baptismal dates, but people need to get married and divorced and it’s a pain but they’re working really hard for it. 
- our bishop is a really great guy- we’re super lucky to have him. Night and day from my other barrio.
 -I really like reading Luke. There’s great parts and funny things. I like when Jesus calls Herod a fox.
 - conferencia de zona was good taught teaching by the spirit.

I love you guys, the church is true, my knee is fine and I’m eating good love from Argentina

Tell ugly I said hi and I’ll see him 16 months.

Elder Sawyer

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