Tuesday, March 31, 2015

March 31, 2015- in Quilmes with Elder Mortenson

Zone Meeting

So this week was really kinda slow. We have had a lot of citas fall but we do have a lot of people reading the book of Mormon which is good, so there’s always lots of hope. The mission has been struggling with baptisms lately so we’re focusing on that a ton right now. We’ve done a lot of contacting- ran into a lot of weird things. The winner though was these guys who stopped their car to talk to us in the street- it was cool- Mortenson was on one side talking to one and I was on the other with the other guy. The guy started telling me about how the story of Christ had happened a ton of times. Like the Egyptian sun God Ra had a son Horus who had 12 apostles and died for us. That was kinda weird. It was all based off of sun movements and stuff. We’re gonna go talk to him and his friend some more. His friend was a little less crazy. 

 The other weird things that are actually really big here are San la Muerte and Gauchito Gil. They make like no sense. Google those little guys –they’re all over the place- people build little red houses and offer life sacrifices of cigarettes and alcohol to them. Our joke is that Gauchito Gil should be the mascot for the Quilmes beer brand here, sorta like the most interesting man in the world commercials. 

Not a whole ton of new stuff -questions would be good. I’ve sorta adjusted to living in Argentina so things don’t take me off guard too much. 

 It’s been good with elder Mortenson. He knows a lot of bible stuff so we always end up chatting about that. Also usually how Jehovah’s Witnesses are wrong. (He’s not a big fan of them) 

We’re both super pumped for general conference. We think were gonna make a big meal with other missionaries in between the sessions and make tacos. 

 Love you guys- try not to run into soccer poles. 
Elder Sawyer

Oh yeah did Andrew bring presets? what?

Quilmes District

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