Monday, May 25, 2015

May 25, 2015- in Quilmes with Elder Montano

"Quilmes District"
So, the big news this week is that I love my comp. I’ve decided I really like having a Latin comp. just a lot cleaner and friendly I feel. So he’s great he’s almost done. He’s sorta like my trainer for being a leader I feel cause he was a district leader before. So he’s sorta helping me with ideas and remembering things and it’s great. He only has one month left so I’m helping him apply to BYU- I. Can you give me suggestions or can you look up how the process is to be an out of country applicant so I can help him? His dream is to live in the US and have a family there. I’m helping him learn English which is fun. I also invited him to live with you guys so if an Ecuadorian shows up at your door one day just let him sleep in my bed. 

Being district leader basically means I’m just that much more tired which is fun. I got to go to the DL meeting which was cool two of my buds from my group are DL’s now too so that was cool and Delgado my trainer. We got doughnuts and milenaesa.  (hey, Andrew you mentioned this once could you explain it to the family) 

I think the most intimidating hand I shook this week was elder Nelson. hahaha talk about real power. That’s really cool that makes your job seem even more secretive. Trek sounds like fun, it seems like it’s gonna be a little more interesting than mine if you get to go up into the mountains. Have fun doing math I’m not a big fan of math here either –I’ve had the chance to help some Argentines with their math too.

We found some new people to teach this week and a family last night. It’s great when the members get in on it too. I have to go, but I love you all a ton have fun in Knott’s!

Andrew- How’s being a coach? how much can you bench?
Kyle-who are your coaches? bench? 
Ryan- slap some wheels on that long board!
Abby- I love you dude- thanks for the pic you drew for me!

Elder Sawsher

1- Did you get your tooth fixed?
2- How's it going as district leader?
2-great, just a little more tired always
3- What are some of your responsibilities?
3-conduct the meetings, the calls on Thursday and Sunday baptismal interviews. We went to Banfield to do the district leader training meeting and got to see some friends, so that was cool.
4- What lesson did you teach your district?
4- We talked a lot about goals and stuff and how to find people to teach.  It was my first one so I was sorta just trying to get it down a little. I’m not a big fan of standing up in front of people and talking. 
5- What was the most rewarding moment you had this week?
5-finding people with elder M- it’s great -I’m a big fan of having a Latino comp. 
6- Did you get your paper package or package thru Hermana Cannon?
6- Tell the young women thanks for the letters. I like real letters and maybe like deep talks. I also liked the hand drawn pics. 
7- What is the next holiday that Argentina will celebrate?
7- Today is a holiday, but I’m not sure sure what it is, it just means there’s no collectivos and there was an accident in a train station, so it’s just gonna be a pain to get around today.

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Monday, May 18, 2015

May 18, 2015- in Quilmes with Elder Montano

"birthday ice- cream- super expensive, but worth it!"
Ok, sorry I say this a lot, but I don’t have a lot of time. So here’s the changes I’m still in Quilmes with elder Montano from Ecuador. He’s great and I’m pumped to be with him. I’m still not sure which mision I’m gonna be in because from what I know they’re going to put office elders in Quilmes after the split. But I’m not sure, that all goes to the higher ups in the mission. Well the big news is that I am now a district leader. woohoo. It’ll be fun I’m excited and a little nervous, not a fan of having to direct the meetings and everything, but it will be fun and I’m excited. The biggest thing is that Hermana A       the mama of M        threw her husband out of the house so now we can baptize M          . That sounds bad, but she’s a capa! She has a lot of faith in what she’s doing and what she wants for her kids. 

The other day we couldn’t go to the celebration, but the dedication was really cool. The high light by far was when elder Christophersen got up and we were all expecting the translator, but he just started talking in Spanish. really cool. 

With investigators we’re going pretty good. The ones we have are looking strong and the other great news- M        , A        wife is going to get divorced. this means the can get married and then baptized which js great cause they have been with the elders for more than 6 months. References are great - we got one from a member that lives really far and we met him in the chapel one day and now he has a baptismal date. Members are key to the work.

love you guys.
Elder Sawyer

Monday, May 11, 2015

May 11, 2015- in Quilmes with Elder Mortenson

So not a ton to report to all you guys-I guess you got it all last night. Mostly from all your in depth and prepared questions ;). Right now we are finding a lot of people. It’s been a good week, we have found some solid new investigators going into this next transfer. We’re working really hard to just be contacting as much as we can. Without a lot of members in our area that sorta seems like the most effective thing we can do right now. 
 I went to Banfield this week to have an interview with Prez. It’s always a great opportunity to talk with him, he has just so much wisdom saved up for us. I talked a little bit about the new mission and everything. They’re looking at a lot of changes and they’re gonna have to close some areas to train new office elders. The thing is the offices for the new mission are gonna be in Quilmes, so things might get changed up a lot around here soon. And no, I don’t know which mission I’ll be in, I’m right on the bubble between going and staying-  I won’t know till it happens
All’s well love you all talk to you guys next week!

Elder Sawyer

"after doing some service we went on her roof.
There's a storage thing you can't see like for couches and table and stuff- it was fun"

Monday, May 4, 2015

May 4, 2015- in Quilmes with Elder Mortenson

these are the trains we ride all the time
Dear world, 
sorry the computer literally just died on me when I finished writing last week, so I’m doing this (writing it out and taking a picture of it and having my Mom type it up for me) to make sure you get it. So I’ll try to sum this week up as well as I can. So it’s been a solid couple of weeks. The big letdown was M......, our little investigator that was so excited to get baptized. Her dad won’t let her, we even pulled out the big guns, our bishop who is just a cupa, but nada. That kinda stinks, but we’re praying and fasting. A.... and M...... were just trying to get this divorce through. It’s such a pain to have people that want to get baptized, but they have to get married first.  It’s a bigger pain when they want to get married, but they can’t. But what are you gonna do? Pray, that’s what.
Happy things. When you clap (they don’t knock in Argentina, they clap) a lot of doors you find strange people. The best is G....... He’s the guy with some strange beliefs. He’s been inviting us to lunch. (That’s another thing- everyone is giving us food, investigadors mas and random people. It’s great. Lunch and dinner sometimes 2 lunches- I’m going to get fat. I don’t get how everyone loves us, but doesn’t want to come to church) But G......., so he’s crazy and rich. He invites us over secretly without his wife knowing and his mom doesn’t like us. He made us a an American meal (chicken nuggets, BACON!, and a meatball sandwich) He loves us and has offered to give us a tv and take us to Bailiche’s (dance party). He loves the Office and always has it on when we go to his house. He also is reading the Book of Mormon and is gonna watch the Joseph Smith movie and always has good questions. So we’ll see. He would be a great ward mission leader.
Another fun thing was our district activity the other week. We played like hockey, we sued broom sticks and pucks made from Styrofoam lids. It was pretty fun, especially since we have 2 people from Canada that actually knew like how to play hockey. I wish I could send you the videos I accidently whacked Armsworthy over the head with my stick-that’s how competitive it was!
I don’t know if I’ve told you about trains, but those are fun. Taking it from one end of our area to the other. We contact the guards and the people selling stuff from car to car. People are usually pretty normal on the way there, but on the way back it’s more interesting cause we will run into all the drunks at like 9 at night. I also now have a friend in the chipa business. Chipa is small balls of cheese bread made from tapioca starch and Argentine cheese. There’s a guy that carries a big basket of chipa on his head and walks up and down the trains aisle. We’ve been talking about the word of wisdom with him and he gave us free chipa (I’m not too pumped about the free chipa- it’s gross).
Last night we were with a part member family doing a FHE. The problem was that we were there (in the villa) during the Super Classico (Boca vs. River). It’s sort of like the Super Bowl, but happens every other month or so. So, right as we were ending our lesson the game ended too. Boca scored like 2 goals at the last minute. The villa just went crazy. I think I’m starting to be able to tell the difference between the pop of motorcycle engines, fireworks and gun shots. I feel like we had a little bit of all 3 last night as we were leaving the villa. It’s a good thing I’m a Boca fan J
Other than that it’s been good. It’s cold now and raining a lot. I would love it if I wasn’t walking in it all day ;) But it’s good. We are always looking for new people to teach. I’ll list some more fun things to save time.
-cleaning out a hose of a meno activos man. He needs help cleaning. He’s a mechanic and his house is a mess. But we’re also cleaning out things like stuff from other religions and porn.
-My legs are really skinny and I’m sad. We’ve actually looked for a cheap gym, just to have on p-day.
-I’ll let you know, we will probably skype for mother’s day for like 40 minutes Mortenson was here for Christmas so it should be simple to figure it out again.
-I have no idea what I’m gonna do for my birthday. I’m probably gonna look for a Messi jersey and we might eat ice cream I don’t know it’s kinda cold right now. Other than that I don’t know. We have an activity super far away so no time to shop or do anything this week but next week I’ll probably head to the ferria.  love you!
-Toe is good waiting a week on tooth. The doc is in Banfield and I’m gonna be there in a few weeks anyway, that’s where the transfers happen.
-And yes. I’m gonna talk to you all soon so I’ll just say I love all of you a ton if anybody asks why I didn’t write back tell them sorry I’ll get to them- lots of people wrote for my birthday.
-Today was fun- we played soccer and kickball and right now in this cyber I’m listening to Iron Maiden. Love you guys!
-I’m now listening to Ozzy. I think. Argentines like their hard rock. Can you send me prez Packer’s talk from conference in a pdf and elder Bednar’s, for next week 
-I heard about the fight the people I talked to about it weren’t very happy about the outcome. 
-I’m now listening to “Breaking the Law”- I know how much you love that song mom (:
No more time, love you all- tell everyone thanks for the birthday wishes. (;

Elder Sawyer
the park we went to today- maybe you can see the little castle in the background