Monday, May 25, 2015

May 25, 2015- in Quilmes with Elder Montano

"Quilmes District"
So, the big news this week is that I love my comp. I’ve decided I really like having a Latin comp. just a lot cleaner and friendly I feel. So he’s great he’s almost done. He’s sorta like my trainer for being a leader I feel cause he was a district leader before. So he’s sorta helping me with ideas and remembering things and it’s great. He only has one month left so I’m helping him apply to BYU- I. Can you give me suggestions or can you look up how the process is to be an out of country applicant so I can help him? His dream is to live in the US and have a family there. I’m helping him learn English which is fun. I also invited him to live with you guys so if an Ecuadorian shows up at your door one day just let him sleep in my bed. 

Being district leader basically means I’m just that much more tired which is fun. I got to go to the DL meeting which was cool two of my buds from my group are DL’s now too so that was cool and Delgado my trainer. We got doughnuts and milenaesa.  (hey, Andrew you mentioned this once could you explain it to the family) 

I think the most intimidating hand I shook this week was elder Nelson. hahaha talk about real power. That’s really cool that makes your job seem even more secretive. Trek sounds like fun, it seems like it’s gonna be a little more interesting than mine if you get to go up into the mountains. Have fun doing math I’m not a big fan of math here either –I’ve had the chance to help some Argentines with their math too.

We found some new people to teach this week and a family last night. It’s great when the members get in on it too. I have to go, but I love you all a ton have fun in Knott’s!

Andrew- How’s being a coach? how much can you bench?
Kyle-who are your coaches? bench? 
Ryan- slap some wheels on that long board!
Abby- I love you dude- thanks for the pic you drew for me!

Elder Sawsher

1- Did you get your tooth fixed?
2- How's it going as district leader?
2-great, just a little more tired always
3- What are some of your responsibilities?
3-conduct the meetings, the calls on Thursday and Sunday baptismal interviews. We went to Banfield to do the district leader training meeting and got to see some friends, so that was cool.
4- What lesson did you teach your district?
4- We talked a lot about goals and stuff and how to find people to teach.  It was my first one so I was sorta just trying to get it down a little. I’m not a big fan of standing up in front of people and talking. 
5- What was the most rewarding moment you had this week?
5-finding people with elder M- it’s great -I’m a big fan of having a Latino comp. 
6- Did you get your paper package or package thru Hermana Cannon?
6- Tell the young women thanks for the letters. I like real letters and maybe like deep talks. I also liked the hand drawn pics. 
7- What is the next holiday that Argentina will celebrate?
7- Today is a holiday, but I’m not sure sure what it is, it just means there’s no collectivos and there was an accident in a train station, so it’s just gonna be a pain to get around today.

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