Monday, June 29, 2015

June 29, 2015- in Quilmes with Elder Montano moving to Longchamps with Elder Durham

"on the train"

"plaza of dreams"

"this is how Gustabo showed up at the church"
I’m in Longchamps with an Elder Durham de California. He’s really cool and I’m relay excited to work with him. I got here an hour ago so I don’t really know my area at all. It’s a little less city-like, but a big area. Leaving Quilmes was hard, there were a lot of good people and a lot of good things happening. I’m still district leader and that’s fun.
So the split happened today and guess what? Everyone but Hermana Ostler from my district is in the East. Maybe a few others I don’t know about, but it’s good I’ll see them after and now I’ll get to see a little bit more of the mision. Also we have the temple in our mision. Basically all my friends and my group from the MTC ended up in the East. I’m in the South now. So that was kinda sad, even more sad was saying bye to Elder Montano. We had a lot of good times together. It’s weird helping a missionary finish up. Makes me realize how fast it all goes.
It’s been pouring and that cut our asistencia in half, but A        still made it. The joke is the Second Coming will be on a rainy Sunday. It sounds like all is going well back home. I love you all very much. Any other questions I can answer- I’m sorta working on our area and thinking over other things right now.

Elder Sawyer
"Angeles family"
"this is the villa me and elder Montano work in,
we don't live here- we'd never survive, it's a little sketchy."

"Axel and family"

"this is the family we have lived behind for 4 months"

"me and Elder Severtson- I graduated from QC high school with him"

Monday, June 22, 2015

June 22, 2015- in Quilmes with Elder Montano

"Quilmes River"
Hey Happy father’s day. I don’t think it was the same day as it is here. I hope you had a good day, it was pretty normal for us. The split will be kinda weird and it’s sorta sad to leave but I would also like to see some more of Argentina, so we’ll see what happens. I’m really jealous of 45 degrees, we got down to like 2 the other day here. It’s really only annoying in the mornings. I’m surprised you guys aren’t watching the Copa de America-  Mexico just lost to Ecuador.
This week was a pretty good week. My district activity that I planned went really well. The Rio of Quilmes is pretty big. It's also pretty gross. If we caught something we probably wouldn't have eaten it, but there was a little beach and we played some soccer, made sandwiches and took pictures. Today for P-Day we are just going to walk around Quilmes a bit since we’re both leaving
This week has gotten ridiculously cold. I'm not a big fan of the cold, but now I get to use my new favorite thing a bufanda or scarf. Actually it actually works really well. If it gets any colder I'll probably start sleeping with it.
We're getting the area for the new office elders that are going to be coming in, but since they are not going to have a ton of time to work we're going to give some of the more important investigators to their hermanas in our ward so they can take care of them a little bit better. A      the lady with all the tattoos and piercings I talked about last week is doing really well she came to church again yesterday without her nose ring. She was so proud of that she pointed it out to a bunch of people. It's cool how the gospel makes so much of a difference with people. We didn't even like say she should take it out, we just talked a little bit about how our bodies are temples. We're both going to miss her, she started calling us and the member who visits with us her new family. She called us in the middle of the week to ask what Jesus eats in heaven because she was reading one of our pamphlets with her four-year-old. Yeah, it's going to be sad to say bye. Her and a lot of other people in the ward are really good and it's just going really fast. It's going to be interesting to see where I go. I have the feeling that I'm going to get transferred out of the East Mission into the south, but we’ll see this Friday. Love you guys. Be happy. Enjoy the heat.

love you guys,
Elder Sawyer

Landmeier family- I know the no toilet pain. Toilets here are kinda their own adventure. I try to avoid using a bathroom outside of the apartment.

1- do you have a phone? what kind?
1 just a dumb phone. the signal is terrible and a lot of peoples phones stop working randomly so it’s not super useful. 
2- do you get a good night sleep every night? is it noisy?
2 yes and yes the train passes by like every 20 minutes
3- does your snoring bug your companions? do they tie a rope to your leg like Andrew did?
3 no or at least none of them have complained. 
4- how are your clothes and shoes holding up?
4-the shoes are great.
5- is the 3 hour block of church the same in Argentina as in Queen Creek?
5 we start with priesthood and end with sacrament meeting

"we're not very good at fishing"

"Quilmes district"

Monday, June 15, 2015

June 15, 2015- in Quilmes with Elder Montano

Ok, so these last few weeks here have been pretty good we’ve had some good experiences and have lots of time to do a lot of service which has been a lot of fun. First, one cool experience me and Mortenson had- a contact from a while ago, we just knocked the door and this lady came out told us that she didn’t believe in anything and yea. But we said we would like to talk to her so we gave her a book of Mormon and took down her address. A few weeks later me and Montano went back to see what’s up. She again told us that she was atheist but we bore our testimonies and gave her a pass along card. Like two weeks later we got a reference from Ogden Utah for her. She had gotten on to the website from the card and was talking to someone from the states. We passed by, but just ran into her mom (she wasn’t happy to see us at all) until eventually we passed by and the mom answered the door and said she was there then we heard, “is it them, is it them!?” and A         (the lady) sticks her head out the door and tells us to wait. Then the door gets slammed and we hear yelling for a few minutes. Then she comes out and tells us that she is very anti-Christ but that she wants to believe in something. Long story short we invited her to church. She was kinda nervous because of her many (like demasiado) amount of tattoos and piercings. Lots of people get weird piercings here like above the eye and stuff. But she was a level up with the nose ring! But she came then next morning with her 4 year old daughter named L      (light) (by the way she loved the primary and went and sat by her friends during sacrament) it was really good. We introduced her to the Hermanas in the ward, it’s nice cuz one of our hermanas from Samoa also has a tattoo. (it’s pretty cool-it’s got like her family motto) A      had a ton of questions about everything we were able to answer them all pretty easily until one of the speakers started talking about garments. We just told her we’d talk about that one later. so yea she really liked it and we are gonna go talk to her some more this jueves. It’s too bad I’m leaving in 2 weeks. 

So that was probably one of the cooler things that happened this week. We’re gonna go fish in a little bit. Yep, that was my idea for a district activity, we’re gonna see what happens, apparently the river of Quilmes is pretty cool. 

Guess what my favorite thing in the world is now. Bufandas (scarfs) I never realized how great they were.  Oh yeah, I’m sort of doubting if any of you read my letters cause I wrote you guys in Guarani the other day and no one said anything about it. 
Love you guys enjoy the heat. 

Elder Sawyer
I have heard a lot about the copa de america especially since my comp is from Ecuador. How’s Messi doing? Are you guys watching it?
1- how’s the tooth? get it fixed!
1- yep
2- there has been a lot about elections on the facebook page, what's that all about?

2-there’s elections for Quilmes govenero and president and governor of buenos aires all at the same time. There’s flyers and manifestations all over the place. There’s always a plane that flies around Quilmes with a big speaker. If I get my DNI on time I can vote. I think I’ll vote to get a new president

Monday, June 8, 2015

June 8, 2015- in Quilmes with Elder Montano

“This is the view from the Hermanas apartment. I’m really jealous.”

So this week has just flown by. We had a zone conference this week and I found out I will be leaving Quilmes this next transfer for sure. They’re gonna put office elders here for the new mission, so I’m really not gonna know where I’m going till the end of June. It was kind of an emotional conference cause most of the missionaries are gonna being staying in the East mision for sure. We even ended it all by giving Hermana and Prez Thurgood a hug. Usually it’s just Prez we hug for the elders. It was weird and kinda sad. I really wouldn’t be able to say where I would want to go, I’ve got so many friends on both sides, but I’m just gonna go where the Lord sends me. 

It’s gonna kinda stink leaving Quilmes, we have a lot of people that are progressing slowly, but surely and should be ready for this July. We found a bunch of new people this week, a lot of older people. One in the villa named T      that invited us in cause he always sees us walking around picking people up Sunday mornings for church. He’s really into the Universal church, I don’t think it exisits in the states or in Mexico, but it’s pretty big in South America and it’s not exactly a good happy place. But he’s been really receptive to the Book of Mormon so we will see. Also G           , who is just crazy. He made and Ecuadorian dish for my comp this week. This sorta made my comp a little trunky, it’s funny, the kids ready to get married. hahah but it’s good I’m learning a lot from him. 

Also this week we had correlation and service with members in the area of the hermanas. I don’t know their area very well, so we got lost, that was a fun adventure. It was good cuz now I know their area really well. We went and did some painting, it was nice to do that, I think we’re gonna start having a lot more service opportunities in their area. 

The highlight of the week was a specific menos activo that made it to church. P     , our drunk mechanic friend that has memory damage, so were re-teaching him the Book of Mormon, which is really fun. We got to do service in his house which was really cool. His house was a mess with tools all over the place and just stuff. I got to tackle the dishes, which was an adventure. But it was worth it, he showed up for sacrament mtg shaved and with a big smile on his face. That was pretty cool. 

Yes, I’m pretty cold at times. Mostly only when it rains or something. I wear sweaters a lot and sometimes thermals. It’s too bad I can’t drink the mate with everyone haha.

Fun fact- I think I win for the most diverse district in the mission. we have
2 Canadians
1 Samoan
1 Peruvian
1 Bolivian
1 Ecuadorian
1 Brasilian
and me the lone Yankee. 
That was fun to realize. Well I love you guys- all sounds good – trek looked like fun- enjoy the heat and summer
lots of love from Argentina! 
Ro hay hu ├▒ande yara dhay hu!

Elder Sawyer 
 “Argentinian fried chicken. It was really good, but destroyed my stomach.”

Monday, June 1, 2015

June 1, 2015- in Quilmes with Elder Montano

Elder Montano and Elder Sawyer

So, a good week here. It’s been fun with Elder Montano, he’s pretty relaxed and is almost done. He finishes in a month and he’s still super excited to work which is great cause he’s got a lot of experience. Magali finally got baptized and her mom gave a talk in church, which is a big deal cause those two things were pretty hard to bring to pass. The highlight was probably our investigator G      . He’s crazy.  He’s like a rich 10 year old. He’s like 40-50 and answers the phone to me with “wwwhat’s uuupp G?” hahahah he would be a great ward mission leader. He just knows and owns places all over Quilmes. The other day he picked us up at his pizzeria and drove us to the catholic school built next to the big cathedral. He went there as a little kid and also helps out once in a while so he got us some soda gave us a tour including the cathedral (introduced us to all the catholic priests that he knows) and then we sat down in the park part and taught him a lesson. hahah he then showed up at the chapel after church was over. It was hilarious, we were all in the sacrament hall still and I just see him looking at us through the window. We’ve found some good new people. Oh yeah, look for Quilmes 2A in Facebook.

So we found a guy named A          . We’ve taught him twice and he sometimes just doesn’t seem interested but then we bring up the plan of salvation and he gets back into it.

Oh yeah, boys, learn how to type and play the piano- those will both help a lot when they send you to South America where those are very valuable skills in the church. We’re working on converting someone who plays the piano right now.

I gotta go now I love all of you keep being happy and enjoy summer. Have fun at trek.

Love you guys,
Elder Sawyer
1- one really cool thing that happened this week?
1-I killed a lot of slugs with salt. It was kinda gross

2- One really gross thing that happened this week?
2-oh shoot I didn’t read this question before I answered the other one.

Magali's baptism