Monday, June 1, 2015

June 1, 2015- in Quilmes with Elder Montano

Elder Montano and Elder Sawyer

So, a good week here. It’s been fun with Elder Montano, he’s pretty relaxed and is almost done. He finishes in a month and he’s still super excited to work which is great cause he’s got a lot of experience. Magali finally got baptized and her mom gave a talk in church, which is a big deal cause those two things were pretty hard to bring to pass. The highlight was probably our investigator G      . He’s crazy.  He’s like a rich 10 year old. He’s like 40-50 and answers the phone to me with “wwwhat’s uuupp G?” hahahah he would be a great ward mission leader. He just knows and owns places all over Quilmes. The other day he picked us up at his pizzeria and drove us to the catholic school built next to the big cathedral. He went there as a little kid and also helps out once in a while so he got us some soda gave us a tour including the cathedral (introduced us to all the catholic priests that he knows) and then we sat down in the park part and taught him a lesson. hahah he then showed up at the chapel after church was over. It was hilarious, we were all in the sacrament hall still and I just see him looking at us through the window. We’ve found some good new people. Oh yeah, look for Quilmes 2A in Facebook.

So we found a guy named A          . We’ve taught him twice and he sometimes just doesn’t seem interested but then we bring up the plan of salvation and he gets back into it.

Oh yeah, boys, learn how to type and play the piano- those will both help a lot when they send you to South America where those are very valuable skills in the church. We’re working on converting someone who plays the piano right now.

I gotta go now I love all of you keep being happy and enjoy summer. Have fun at trek.

Love you guys,
Elder Sawyer
1- one really cool thing that happened this week?
1-I killed a lot of slugs with salt. It was kinda gross

2- One really gross thing that happened this week?
2-oh shoot I didn’t read this question before I answered the other one.

Magali's baptism

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