Monday, June 15, 2015

June 15, 2015- in Quilmes with Elder Montano

Ok, so these last few weeks here have been pretty good we’ve had some good experiences and have lots of time to do a lot of service which has been a lot of fun. First, one cool experience me and Mortenson had- a contact from a while ago, we just knocked the door and this lady came out told us that she didn’t believe in anything and yea. But we said we would like to talk to her so we gave her a book of Mormon and took down her address. A few weeks later me and Montano went back to see what’s up. She again told us that she was atheist but we bore our testimonies and gave her a pass along card. Like two weeks later we got a reference from Ogden Utah for her. She had gotten on to the website from the card and was talking to someone from the states. We passed by, but just ran into her mom (she wasn’t happy to see us at all) until eventually we passed by and the mom answered the door and said she was there then we heard, “is it them, is it them!?” and A         (the lady) sticks her head out the door and tells us to wait. Then the door gets slammed and we hear yelling for a few minutes. Then she comes out and tells us that she is very anti-Christ but that she wants to believe in something. Long story short we invited her to church. She was kinda nervous because of her many (like demasiado) amount of tattoos and piercings. Lots of people get weird piercings here like above the eye and stuff. But she was a level up with the nose ring! But she came then next morning with her 4 year old daughter named L      (light) (by the way she loved the primary and went and sat by her friends during sacrament) it was really good. We introduced her to the Hermanas in the ward, it’s nice cuz one of our hermanas from Samoa also has a tattoo. (it’s pretty cool-it’s got like her family motto) A      had a ton of questions about everything we were able to answer them all pretty easily until one of the speakers started talking about garments. We just told her we’d talk about that one later. so yea she really liked it and we are gonna go talk to her some more this jueves. It’s too bad I’m leaving in 2 weeks. 

So that was probably one of the cooler things that happened this week. We’re gonna go fish in a little bit. Yep, that was my idea for a district activity, we’re gonna see what happens, apparently the river of Quilmes is pretty cool. 

Guess what my favorite thing in the world is now. Bufandas (scarfs) I never realized how great they were.  Oh yeah, I’m sort of doubting if any of you read my letters cause I wrote you guys in Guarani the other day and no one said anything about it. 
Love you guys enjoy the heat. 

Elder Sawyer
I have heard a lot about the copa de america especially since my comp is from Ecuador. How’s Messi doing? Are you guys watching it?
1- how’s the tooth? get it fixed!
1- yep
2- there has been a lot about elections on the facebook page, what's that all about?

2-there’s elections for Quilmes govenero and president and governor of buenos aires all at the same time. There’s flyers and manifestations all over the place. There’s always a plane that flies around Quilmes with a big speaker. If I get my DNI on time I can vote. I think I’ll vote to get a new president

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