Monday, June 22, 2015

June 22, 2015- in Quilmes with Elder Montano

"Quilmes River"
Hey Happy father’s day. I don’t think it was the same day as it is here. I hope you had a good day, it was pretty normal for us. The split will be kinda weird and it’s sorta sad to leave but I would also like to see some more of Argentina, so we’ll see what happens. I’m really jealous of 45 degrees, we got down to like 2 the other day here. It’s really only annoying in the mornings. I’m surprised you guys aren’t watching the Copa de America-  Mexico just lost to Ecuador.
This week was a pretty good week. My district activity that I planned went really well. The Rio of Quilmes is pretty big. It's also pretty gross. If we caught something we probably wouldn't have eaten it, but there was a little beach and we played some soccer, made sandwiches and took pictures. Today for P-Day we are just going to walk around Quilmes a bit since we’re both leaving
This week has gotten ridiculously cold. I'm not a big fan of the cold, but now I get to use my new favorite thing a bufanda or scarf. Actually it actually works really well. If it gets any colder I'll probably start sleeping with it.
We're getting the area for the new office elders that are going to be coming in, but since they are not going to have a ton of time to work we're going to give some of the more important investigators to their hermanas in our ward so they can take care of them a little bit better. A      the lady with all the tattoos and piercings I talked about last week is doing really well she came to church again yesterday without her nose ring. She was so proud of that she pointed it out to a bunch of people. It's cool how the gospel makes so much of a difference with people. We didn't even like say she should take it out, we just talked a little bit about how our bodies are temples. We're both going to miss her, she started calling us and the member who visits with us her new family. She called us in the middle of the week to ask what Jesus eats in heaven because she was reading one of our pamphlets with her four-year-old. Yeah, it's going to be sad to say bye. Her and a lot of other people in the ward are really good and it's just going really fast. It's going to be interesting to see where I go. I have the feeling that I'm going to get transferred out of the East Mission into the south, but we’ll see this Friday. Love you guys. Be happy. Enjoy the heat.

love you guys,
Elder Sawyer

Landmeier family- I know the no toilet pain. Toilets here are kinda their own adventure. I try to avoid using a bathroom outside of the apartment.

1- do you have a phone? what kind?
1 just a dumb phone. the signal is terrible and a lot of peoples phones stop working randomly so it’s not super useful. 
2- do you get a good night sleep every night? is it noisy?
2 yes and yes the train passes by like every 20 minutes
3- does your snoring bug your companions? do they tie a rope to your leg like Andrew did?
3 no or at least none of them have complained. 
4- how are your clothes and shoes holding up?
4-the shoes are great.
5- is the 3 hour block of church the same in Argentina as in Queen Creek?
5 we start with priesthood and end with sacrament meeting

"we're not very good at fishing"

"Quilmes district"

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