Monday, June 8, 2015

June 8, 2015- in Quilmes with Elder Montano

“This is the view from the Hermanas apartment. I’m really jealous.”

So this week has just flown by. We had a zone conference this week and I found out I will be leaving Quilmes this next transfer for sure. They’re gonna put office elders here for the new mission, so I’m really not gonna know where I’m going till the end of June. It was kind of an emotional conference cause most of the missionaries are gonna being staying in the East mision for sure. We even ended it all by giving Hermana and Prez Thurgood a hug. Usually it’s just Prez we hug for the elders. It was weird and kinda sad. I really wouldn’t be able to say where I would want to go, I’ve got so many friends on both sides, but I’m just gonna go where the Lord sends me. 

It’s gonna kinda stink leaving Quilmes, we have a lot of people that are progressing slowly, but surely and should be ready for this July. We found a bunch of new people this week, a lot of older people. One in the villa named T      that invited us in cause he always sees us walking around picking people up Sunday mornings for church. He’s really into the Universal church, I don’t think it exisits in the states or in Mexico, but it’s pretty big in South America and it’s not exactly a good happy place. But he’s been really receptive to the Book of Mormon so we will see. Also G           , who is just crazy. He made and Ecuadorian dish for my comp this week. This sorta made my comp a little trunky, it’s funny, the kids ready to get married. hahah but it’s good I’m learning a lot from him. 

Also this week we had correlation and service with members in the area of the hermanas. I don’t know their area very well, so we got lost, that was a fun adventure. It was good cuz now I know their area really well. We went and did some painting, it was nice to do that, I think we’re gonna start having a lot more service opportunities in their area. 

The highlight of the week was a specific menos activo that made it to church. P     , our drunk mechanic friend that has memory damage, so were re-teaching him the Book of Mormon, which is really fun. We got to do service in his house which was really cool. His house was a mess with tools all over the place and just stuff. I got to tackle the dishes, which was an adventure. But it was worth it, he showed up for sacrament mtg shaved and with a big smile on his face. That was pretty cool. 

Yes, I’m pretty cold at times. Mostly only when it rains or something. I wear sweaters a lot and sometimes thermals. It’s too bad I can’t drink the mate with everyone haha.

Fun fact- I think I win for the most diverse district in the mission. we have
2 Canadians
1 Samoan
1 Peruvian
1 Bolivian
1 Ecuadorian
1 Brasilian
and me the lone Yankee. 
That was fun to realize. Well I love you guys- all sounds good – trek looked like fun- enjoy the heat and summer
lots of love from Argentina! 
Ro hay hu ñande yara dhay hu!

Elder Sawyer 
 “Argentinian fried chicken. It was really good, but destroyed my stomach.”

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