Monday, July 13, 2015

July 13, 2015- in Longchamps with Elder Durham

"I haven't got the pancake flipping down yet. I dumped it all over the floor. I've decided that this is a new mission goal be able to flip pancakes. lucky that their cheap." 

So, a little bit better of a week. We got a phone and have got the area down pretty well. I need to give mom a shout out for cleaning the bathroom when we were younger. The elders before didn’t do to good of a job taking care of the apartment. It was about a 5 hour cleaning experience last p-day to get it presentable.  Some fun things have been all the opportunities I’ve had to speak in front of people this week. I haven’t been a fan of speaking to groups of people. It gets me kinda nervous. But I’ve gotten a lot of opportunities to overcome that. First, the district mtg with my giant district. Oh and get who decided to come and visit my district mtg this week with his wife? Prez. But it came out really well. Next, we got to give an orientation to the seminary class and then go do visits with them. That was really fun. Then every Friday our ward does a noche de hogar. We got like 40-50 people there and like 5 investigators. We got up and taught the restoration. I made like a little church out of cardboard and put it on a baking pan and had it fall to represent the fall of the church. It was really good and fun. The ward here is super involved with everything- it’s great. We also got to talk to during Jose Luis’ baptism and it came out really well. It was a great experience for everyone. This is a really great ward and we’re gonna have a lot of success here
Love you guys!
Elder Sawyer

1- Argentina Independence Day, what did you do? did you have to be in early? 
 1- Independence Day we tried to use some fireworks, but they didn’t really work... they were just little tiny ones

2- How are you and your new comp?
2 -we’re good we’re gonna make shirts that say longchampions

3- What's your area like? We can't even find it on the map in the dining room and the weather doesn't come up on my iPhone app.
3- lots of open space a lot like La Plata. lots of dirt roads. it’s a little smaller, but kinda hard to manage cause like none of the streets are marked so we get lost once in a while. 

4- any interesting food in Longchamps?
4 so many empenadas. I think I’m gonna get some mundungo soon.
 I think we’re gonna go get some ice cream today. We get 450 peso of reembolsos a week for fruit. and for me that means I now have 450 peso more to use. I feel pretty rich with that.

5- give me a funny experience?
5- I’ll send you the pancake pic

6- give me an awesome experience?
6- Jose Luis got baptised which was great. a ton of people showed up including some investigators. It was just a good night even though the font didn’t get filled up too much.

7- do you hear much news from the US?
You know I don’t think we get much legitimate news from the US here. but I have heard a ton of conspiracy theories from Latinos recently. I’m pretty convinced now that we didn’t land on the moon and that the president is in league with aliens.

"bautismo de Jose Luis"

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