Monday, July 20, 2015

July 20, 2015- in Longchamps with Elder Durham

Family and friends- How are you????
I’m sick and that really stinks, but it’s been a good week still. I did a ton of intercambios this week so I got to know all of Longchamps. One area here has a like an apartment that’s super rich. They even have an electric stove. (that’s ridiculous here) I got to ride on a thousand dollar bike and had a guy convinced for a minute that I was from Brasil. I’ve been on so many buses and trains and I forgot like one thing in each apartment. Towel, key, etc... after all those adventures I got sick. I’ve been in bed a lot trying to get better. It’s been hard and our water has been messed up so it’s just been a little rough. But I played some soccer with the ward and some investigators the other day. I am not good at soccer. But we played with a little foam football today with the zone. I started imagining a real football- It just makes more sense. We made galletitas for a family that we had to cancel dinner with because I was sick. That was an adventure. I’m sick, with a flashlight in my mouth because we don’t have running lights or water- trying to make snickerdoodles. They came out well. The family home evening this week- we made a tower of missionaries and members and taught about how the ward and members can support the missionaries. I have a video,  but I don’t know how to send it. I’m doing good, say his to Travis for me, I love you all, go eat something spicy for me!!! I would love to do that book of mormon thing with you guys but I’m in the middle of reading it right now again and I don’t really feel like starting over.
Love you guys
Elder Sawyer

1- how is your toe and tooth?
1 good
2- do you still ride the trains or bus or taxi or walk?
2buses and trains all the time
3- does the ward do fhe's every month or just once in a while?
3every Friday, its great
4-where are all the guys in your district from?
4-Paraguay, Cali, Boise, Chile 
5- any interesting food this week?
5 I’m sick so I haven’t eaten a whole lot, but yesterday we had some mashed potatoes with some sauce and meat. It was bomb.
6- do you ever go on splits with the youth?

6- not a lot

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