Monday, July 6, 2015

July 6, 2015- in Longchamps with Elder Durham

Wow sounds like all is good at home. That’s crazy that Sarah is getting married! The time passes so fast! The big game here was Argentina vs Chile for the copa. Argentina just can’t pull it through, they lost and I heard that Messi got roughed up a bit. I’m not so sure about the Women’s Cup, didn’t hear anything- If Japan and the US were that good people would talk about them here. 

so the definition of this week has been 1 Nefi 4 6.
We have not had a phone, an area book, money, list of members, and I haven’t had an agenda,  but we’ve still had a lot of success. My district consists of 10 elders now and its really different. Longchamps is a lot more like el Carmen. Lots of campo and stuff. Dirt roads, not a whole lot of civilization, but the ward is really great. The quorum here is really strong and are all pumped up to do visits and service and stuff. Because of some weird changes and stuff my comp doesn’t really know our area very well so were sorta trying to get to know it together and get it going. We’ve been helping two other elders who are also new to the area move into their apartment so that’s been an adventure too. We have a lot of good prospects and should be having a baptism coming up in the next few weeks. It’s been crazy with all the soccer games going on- lots of fireworks and gun shots. I’m gonna be famous for making pancakes here- I’ve already promised a bunch of families I’d make it for them.
Love you guys and have fun. 

Elder Sawyer

1- what is mate?
1-mate is like tea that’s not against the word of wisdom. It’s what keep argentine going. Google it. I had never seen it before the mission, but everyone and their dog drinks it here. 

Longchamps Zone

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