Monday, August 31, 2015

August 31, 2015- in Longchamps with Elder Pallauta

So it’s been a pretty good week. It was a little slower than the past couple of weeks. But we had a ton of chances to do service, which is great. Saturday we actually did service in one house till lunch and then we took off on the bikes to do service with a recent convert and some other investigators. We concreted a wall. That was super fun. I’m a big fan of working with a cuchara. We did that at the casa of the familia Armijo. They really needed it -they only had wooden walls. The rain and the wind get in pretty easy, so we helped them put on the concrete and fill in all the cracks. It felt good to help them out cause they do so much to help us with the work, laundry, food(we can call them any time of day for a meal basically). After we went out and helped with a roof. That wasn’t as fun, but we were helping investigators so it was really good. 

It’s fun getting everyone involved to help. Andrew will tell you the difference of working with and without members. We pretty much plan to have a member in every lesson that we teach. It’s fun cause in this ward we can do it. We have a ton of ward missionaries who are super excited to work and help us.

We have bikes now which is good cause we can get to a a lot more people. The only thing I don’t like is having to use a helmet. We get so many goofy looks, but you gotta be obedient. 

We had an area conference yesterday we listened to Elders Gonzalaz, Cook and Hales. It was good- my favorite talk was Elder Gonzalez who talked about using all the means we have to share the gospel. He used the example of Pahoran. 

Gotta go. loveyou guys.

Monday, August 24, 2015

August 24, 2015- in Longchamps with Elder Pallauta

"me and Lorenzo"

We had a really good week. Yesterday in church we had 10 investigatores. 4 are ready to be baptised were just working for marriages. The other six, well the other 10 is a family we found a while back and have finally started to teach. It’s the parents and then kids ranging from 16 years old to 7 months year old. It was crazy walking with all of them to church. Getting them all on a bus and off a bus, not running in the street, playing I spy. It was good. The ward basically attacked them when we got there- it was great. The relief society president and the quorum president are gonna visit them. The oldest daughters are gonna go hang out with the nujeres jovenes. The coolest thing was after the gospel principals lesson on tithing that the dad decided he wanted to pay his tithing. I gave him the slip and he filled it out right there. I’m not too sure if he got the whole principal down but it was really cool. They’re called the F.......... family. 

We did service with the A....... family helping them put cement on their wall. That’s hermano A....... in the pic. He’s a champ. They recently got reactivated and they are like our best friends. He’s the kinda guy that will come with us like every day to do visits. He is 63 years old and got married when he was 17 to his 14 year old wife. They later found the gospel and raised all their kids in the church. They’re all pretty inactive right now but we’re working a lot with them and they always want to feed us. Like always. That’s why I need the peanut butter cookie recipes -I’m gonna make some cookies. 

We just got cleared to visit the temple that is now in the mission. We’re planning a trip with some investigators soon. It’s pretty cool and I’m super excited to go. We’re only gonna be in the gardens but it will still be fun.

Another fun thing the other week i found canned peaches for sell. This photo is what I ate for breakfast this week. love you all! I also ate a ton of chori pan and we got bikes this week. People give us a lot of weird looks when we have the helmets, but it’s cool.

Love you all super duper much

Elder Sawyer

Monday, August 17, 2015

August 17, 2015- in Longchamps with Elder Pallauta

“A member had a homemade bench in their backyard, so we busted out a few reps. one day we´ll go get a max 

So it’s been a good week. Me and elder Pallauta have been enjoying it. We get along really well and have a lot of work because we combined the two parts of Longchamps together. We’ve been doing a lot of divisiones with members cause of all the stuff we got going on. It’s great we have a super great ward that’s willing to help. We have one hermano, hermano Armijo that i think did a visit with us almost every day this week. He’s from Chile and is super cool. We’re gonna go help him finish building his house later. 
It has rained so much. The streets are just mud. It makes everyday a pain and an adventure. Luckily we have a bunch of investigatores super close to home. That’s another fun thing right now we have two apartments and two cellulars. Basically two of everything. We’ve been planning to use this to our advantage cuz one of the apartments is really close to the chapel. We call it the refugio and it’s like our shelter when we end the night close to the chapel. 
We’re really working hard with a family of a widow and her two kids. They’re great and have so much to gain from the gospel. (plan de salvacion) We really just need them to get them to church once and i think well be good. Our ward does a lot to help people visitors feel comfortable.
Our fun thing for the week was from a reference turned investigator who invited us to help set up for his big folklore dancing event. We met a lot of people setting up a stage and stuff and also took one of the helper kids on a tour of the chapel. Afterwards he invited us to pass by and say a prayer that night for them to start the event. So that night me and Paullata got up on a stage in front of like 300-400 people and said a prayer. elder Pallauta offered it and it was really cool. Look up Gaucho dances from Argentina and you can see how they dress when they dance. Sadly we couldn’t stay for the actual show but it was still a really cool experience.
It has rained so much here. So much mud. I’ve given up on trying to keep my shoes clean. They’re just coated in mud right now. It makes the day an adventure, but we’re all safe -it’s just water. 
Well i love you guys. To my siblings with the weak letters I figure you could all get together and combine them and make a decent sized letter.
 Love you guys
 Elder Sawyer

3- great thing of the week?
3- pull ups and canned peaches

4- scary thing of the week?
4- late nights in the villa

5- gross thing of the week?
5- dogs vomiting
6- funny thing of the week?
6- dogs eating their vomit. that’s just another gross one
7- need anything paper?
7- parts of sentences in English
8- things you ate this week 
8- lots of fideos

9- something you learned from the scriptures
9- Alma 31: 5

10- something you learned that is "street smart"
10- I know the best streets to take when it rains now. And also if people are yelling at each other and are carrying big poles you should probably take another street.

“me cooking chori”

“chori pan. I’m bringing home a suitcase of this.”

“me eating chori”

“Meat is really important here. It was pouring rain so he made a little house of chapas and a tarp to protect it. It was actually pretty impressive. He’s the husband of a menos activo. He’s awesome.”

“los longchampios
on stage at the folklore dance festival

Monday, August 10, 2015

August 10, 2015- in Longchamps with Elder Pallauta

Hey guys, sorry I couldn’t write the last week it was kinda crazy with a few things but I’m still alive. So these changes were really crazy. Prez told me I was gonna start training, but something happened, I think some missionaries didn’t make it here because of flight delays or visas or something- they’re closing two areas in the zone. It’s a zone of 14 missionaries now. Super small, but super fun too. The big thing is what happened in Longchamps. They pulled out two elders and combined me with one of the elders from the other part of Longchamps. I’m with Elder Paullauta, a Chilean and now we have to cover twice as much area now. I’m excited to be with another Latino.  It’s gonna be a lot of work but we’re excited.
All of our super excited for missionary work families just got back in town so we’re gonna start doing a lot of divisions and stuff. It’s  gonna be fun.  The funnest things for these last two weeks have been the noche de hogares. We have had a lot of success. Now we’re just hoping and praying for mairages. A new law just got passed in Argentina that’s gonna make it all a lot easier. We have a great family. They live in a house like 10 ft by 10ft -the four of them. They’re so happy when we come and they just love what we teach and love being in the activities of the church.
These last few weeks it’s just been pouring like crazy. The streets are flooded and it’s kinda slowing everything down. It’s a little harder to navigate when the sanghas start over flowing into the streets. Sanghas are the gutters. They are a big part of Argentine life. I haven’t fallen in one yet, but my bike and my laundry have. The bike more than once. Hahaha.It sounds like all is going well back home,  Kyle needs a haircut- he’s starting to look like a girl. Ryan needs to smile that’s important too. 
 I’m bummed this computers not letting me send pics.  I have a ton for you guys this week. homemade bench presses and choripan. But I’ll get them all sent in next week. Right now I think we’re gonna go play some ping pong with some of the young men in the ward a little bit and then move elderPaullauta from his pench to our pench. It’s like 10 blocks. 
 I Love you guys have a good week.
 Elder Sawyer

Monday, August 3, 2015

August 3, 2015- in Longchamps with Elder Durham

"I'm getting better"
 this is all Carson wrote this week:
-prez told me i'll probably be training. Finally. I've been excited to train
-hey i love you guys a lot sorry i just had to much things to do. 

he did answer two of my questions:
2- any interesting foods?
2-lots and lots of pasta. like way too much
5-what street smarts did you learn this week?
5-don't let pibes use your phone- even if you know them. that' why we didn't have a phone for my first week here in Longchamps. like the second day my comp let our "friend" use our phone and the kid took off running. that was pretty annoying. pibes=teenagers or punks

"making pizza in our house"

"Elder Bickmore, he's new, we made milensa sandwiches."