Monday, August 10, 2015

August 10, 2015- in Longchamps with Elder Pallauta

Hey guys, sorry I couldn’t write the last week it was kinda crazy with a few things but I’m still alive. So these changes were really crazy. Prez told me I was gonna start training, but something happened, I think some missionaries didn’t make it here because of flight delays or visas or something- they’re closing two areas in the zone. It’s a zone of 14 missionaries now. Super small, but super fun too. The big thing is what happened in Longchamps. They pulled out two elders and combined me with one of the elders from the other part of Longchamps. I’m with Elder Paullauta, a Chilean and now we have to cover twice as much area now. I’m excited to be with another Latino.  It’s gonna be a lot of work but we’re excited.
All of our super excited for missionary work families just got back in town so we’re gonna start doing a lot of divisions and stuff. It’s  gonna be fun.  The funnest things for these last two weeks have been the noche de hogares. We have had a lot of success. Now we’re just hoping and praying for mairages. A new law just got passed in Argentina that’s gonna make it all a lot easier. We have a great family. They live in a house like 10 ft by 10ft -the four of them. They’re so happy when we come and they just love what we teach and love being in the activities of the church.
These last few weeks it’s just been pouring like crazy. The streets are flooded and it’s kinda slowing everything down. It’s a little harder to navigate when the sanghas start over flowing into the streets. Sanghas are the gutters. They are a big part of Argentine life. I haven’t fallen in one yet, but my bike and my laundry have. The bike more than once. Hahaha.It sounds like all is going well back home,  Kyle needs a haircut- he’s starting to look like a girl. Ryan needs to smile that’s important too. 
 I’m bummed this computers not letting me send pics.  I have a ton for you guys this week. homemade bench presses and choripan. But I’ll get them all sent in next week. Right now I think we’re gonna go play some ping pong with some of the young men in the ward a little bit and then move elderPaullauta from his pench to our pench. It’s like 10 blocks. 
 I Love you guys have a good week.
 Elder Sawyer

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