Monday, August 17, 2015

August 17, 2015- in Longchamps with Elder Pallauta

“A member had a homemade bench in their backyard, so we busted out a few reps. one day we´ll go get a max 

So it’s been a good week. Me and elder Pallauta have been enjoying it. We get along really well and have a lot of work because we combined the two parts of Longchamps together. We’ve been doing a lot of divisiones with members cause of all the stuff we got going on. It’s great we have a super great ward that’s willing to help. We have one hermano, hermano Armijo that i think did a visit with us almost every day this week. He’s from Chile and is super cool. We’re gonna go help him finish building his house later. 
It has rained so much. The streets are just mud. It makes everyday a pain and an adventure. Luckily we have a bunch of investigatores super close to home. That’s another fun thing right now we have two apartments and two cellulars. Basically two of everything. We’ve been planning to use this to our advantage cuz one of the apartments is really close to the chapel. We call it the refugio and it’s like our shelter when we end the night close to the chapel. 
We’re really working hard with a family of a widow and her two kids. They’re great and have so much to gain from the gospel. (plan de salvacion) We really just need them to get them to church once and i think well be good. Our ward does a lot to help people visitors feel comfortable.
Our fun thing for the week was from a reference turned investigator who invited us to help set up for his big folklore dancing event. We met a lot of people setting up a stage and stuff and also took one of the helper kids on a tour of the chapel. Afterwards he invited us to pass by and say a prayer that night for them to start the event. So that night me and Paullata got up on a stage in front of like 300-400 people and said a prayer. elder Pallauta offered it and it was really cool. Look up Gaucho dances from Argentina and you can see how they dress when they dance. Sadly we couldn’t stay for the actual show but it was still a really cool experience.
It has rained so much here. So much mud. I’ve given up on trying to keep my shoes clean. They’re just coated in mud right now. It makes the day an adventure, but we’re all safe -it’s just water. 
Well i love you guys. To my siblings with the weak letters I figure you could all get together and combine them and make a decent sized letter.
 Love you guys
 Elder Sawyer

3- great thing of the week?
3- pull ups and canned peaches

4- scary thing of the week?
4- late nights in the villa

5- gross thing of the week?
5- dogs vomiting
6- funny thing of the week?
6- dogs eating their vomit. that’s just another gross one
7- need anything paper?
7- parts of sentences in English
8- things you ate this week 
8- lots of fideos

9- something you learned from the scriptures
9- Alma 31: 5

10- something you learned that is "street smart"
10- I know the best streets to take when it rains now. And also if people are yelling at each other and are carrying big poles you should probably take another street.

“me cooking chori”

“chori pan. I’m bringing home a suitcase of this.”

“me eating chori”

“Meat is really important here. It was pouring rain so he made a little house of chapas and a tarp to protect it. It was actually pretty impressive. He’s the husband of a menos activo. He’s awesome.”

“los longchampios
on stage at the folklore dance festival

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