Monday, August 24, 2015

August 24, 2015- in Longchamps with Elder Pallauta

"me and Lorenzo"

We had a really good week. Yesterday in church we had 10 investigatores. 4 are ready to be baptised were just working for marriages. The other six, well the other 10 is a family we found a while back and have finally started to teach. It’s the parents and then kids ranging from 16 years old to 7 months year old. It was crazy walking with all of them to church. Getting them all on a bus and off a bus, not running in the street, playing I spy. It was good. The ward basically attacked them when we got there- it was great. The relief society president and the quorum president are gonna visit them. The oldest daughters are gonna go hang out with the nujeres jovenes. The coolest thing was after the gospel principals lesson on tithing that the dad decided he wanted to pay his tithing. I gave him the slip and he filled it out right there. I’m not too sure if he got the whole principal down but it was really cool. They’re called the F.......... family. 

We did service with the A....... family helping them put cement on their wall. That’s hermano A....... in the pic. He’s a champ. They recently got reactivated and they are like our best friends. He’s the kinda guy that will come with us like every day to do visits. He is 63 years old and got married when he was 17 to his 14 year old wife. They later found the gospel and raised all their kids in the church. They’re all pretty inactive right now but we’re working a lot with them and they always want to feed us. Like always. That’s why I need the peanut butter cookie recipes -I’m gonna make some cookies. 

We just got cleared to visit the temple that is now in the mission. We’re planning a trip with some investigators soon. It’s pretty cool and I’m super excited to go. We’re only gonna be in the gardens but it will still be fun.

Another fun thing the other week i found canned peaches for sell. This photo is what I ate for breakfast this week. love you all! I also ate a ton of chori pan and we got bikes this week. People give us a lot of weird looks when we have the helmets, but it’s cool.

Love you all super duper much

Elder Sawyer

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