Monday, September 28, 2015

September 28, 2015- in Longchamps with Elder Villalon

So is been an exciting week. Tuesday was new kid day, we went and picked up our new comps from the mission home. I got a Chilean named Elder Villalon. He’s super excited and well prepared to be a missionary. He’s 21 years old. There’s so many Chileans in the mission right now. Like more missionaries from Chile then from Utah, like 10 new ones came in with my comp. It’s weird cause they speak weird. In the district there’s 5 now. 5 out of 8. So I’m gonna learn a little bit of Chilean  slang. I really enjoy training. It’s fun helping someone learn the steps of being a missionary. We’ve had a lot of successes together already and we’re super excited for some people. The hardest part though is teaching. Sometimes my comp is a little lost or likes to say something kinda random, but it’s good, he’s learning really fast. It’s a lot more practice for me. 

One example is a lesson we had with a reference in the chapel. We were teaching the restoration. Before I let him know that he was gonna give the baptismal invite, and sorta let him know when a good time to give it would be. We started teaching and he gave it sorta in a random part, but she accepted. Her name is M.......... She’s the good friend of a member and is super great. Yesterday in church she let us know how good she feels when she talks with us and how she had talked to other missionaries, but somehow it’s different now. 

Another cool experience was from last week. We promised a couple that needs to get married that if they went and looked for their divorce papers this week that it would work out. They went and it was true. They’re gonna be able to get married and then baptized. We’re excited for them. It was great to see how happy he was when he told us how it had all gone down. 

You asked about the different Spanish’s that I come into contact with. First of all, Spanish people from Spain speak really really weird. Castellano is its own thing especially from BA. hahaha..

I’m hoping for more than 2 more transfers here. The ward is just amazing really. I’ve basically been adopted into 2 families. We get to serve a lot. They took pictures of my hands today, they like the blisters, you can see them on his Facebook. The physical service just comes. a lot of it is with investigators. 

The photos I send you are from the Armijo’s house. He’s the guy that visits people with us about every day and we have a permanent invitation to eat at their house. and they wash our laundry. We go work at his house cause if we don’t he'll just keep doing visits with us and never finish or do work in his house. We’ve been using lots of cement on his house walls so that when it rains the water doesn’t soak through the walls and the floor.

I’m doing pretty good and am getting slowly better at cooking things. Mixing in some vegetables with stuff helps- peppers and onions are my favorite right now. Life’s good and things are good.  The tooth- we’re gonna go again this week to finish the work it will be fun. Love you tons

Love you all Argentina is great, the weather is beautiful and the work is going great here in Argentina. I’m super excited for conference! Love you all!

Elder Sawyer

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

September 2015- Noche de Hogar with the Familia Armijo

"Gracias Elder sawyer por esta hermosa noche de hogar"
Thank you elder Sawyer for this beautiful night of home

Monday, September 21, 2015

September 21, 2015- in Longchamps with Elder Pallauta- getting a new comp

So I’m training we go to the mission home to pick up my comp tomorrow. I’m pretty excited. I’ve been waiting to train for forever. I’m glad cause that means I’ll have a lot more time here in Longchamps, which means more time to try and get people married! cause we are still fighting with that. Lots of lawyers. It’s a huge pain. It’s just hard for them to do the paperwork it’s a lot of time travelling. It’s hard when people can’t just drive places. Travelling by train and bus can be pretty hard.  It’s like this, the investigadores that have no problem coming to church have marriage issues and the ones that have problems coming to church are single or don’t need to get married, but it’s fun.
The other day we did three service projects in one day- we even helped Emiliano, an investigator, cut the metal rods for his house. We helped him a ton, it would have taken him forever to do it. After we went and took off a roof in another investigators house (he’s the dad of the guy we baptized, he’s probably the closest to baptism cause he has come to church and is living only with his kids). Taking off the roof was difficult. I got the job of using the back part of the hammer to pull out all the rusty nails. I basically destroyed my hands doing it. It was fun. Afterwards we mixed cement by hand and laid a floor in a member’s house. That was brutal. We had a lot of good experiences teaching this week. The familia Fernandez, with their 8 kids, are progressing really well. They’ve been reading a ton from the book of Mormon. And their kids are great. The whole ward loves them. Pray for marriages. All is good down here. It’s good to hear that it’s all good up there
love you all!

Elder Sawyer

1- How are the dogs? Do they chase you? I remember in Mexico they started coming after us  and we just pretended to pick up a rock and they ran away. They are also all over the city, just lying in the way on the sidewalk.
1- Yeah, it’s like that here, but we have bikes or had bikes. Yeah, you just pick up a rock and they run away. Sometimes if they are really bad you throw the rock, but only if they’re gonna bite you.

2-did you feel the earthquake on Thursday? It was an 8.3 in Santiago, Chile.
2-nope, didn’t feel it, but heard all about it.

3-what kind of paper package do you want?
3- Send me definitions of English grammar- terms like past participle, antecedent. Things like that. So I can learn the English grammar better so I can use my Spanish grammar book more effectively

Monday, September 14, 2015

September 14, 2015- in Longchamps with Elder Pallauta

"We went bowling in Adrogue with our district. I’m worse at bowling now than I was before the mission. It was weird being in like a mall in the shirt and tie."

WOO lots and lots of rain. We have been biking in the rain for days. It’s been pretty fun. I’m about sick of riding bikes in the mud. We started just singing hymns the other day to feel better cause it was just cold and super wet. That sorta lifted our spirits. I also taught my comp how to put his feet up on the bike so his feet don’t get wet when we go through puddles. It was super funny to hear him giggling as we went through puddles. It was funny until he hit a hole and broke his bike. He hit the brake on accident hahah- that was funny too. 

We had some really good experiences working with a family. The only problem is that they have to get divorced and then married. I think I have found about everyone who has that problem in Argentina. We had a super fun noche de hogar with the family of ten that I talked about and then two other families from the ward. There must have been like a billion kids running around there. We watched the Restauracion video and shared testimony. It was a really powerful experience and the invesitigadors really felt the spirit. After we played a game, ate some treats and left them to pass the time with the ward family. Afterwards she said wow I didn’t realize that the Mormons were like this. That was pretty satisfying to hear. They are progressing really well and have been coming to church. 

I got to know lots of different parts of the stake. I went to Alejandro Korn and Glew. Alejandro Korn has a lot of fields. I got to see lots of dead dogs there. 

I’ve been studying all the war chapters in the Book of Mormon recently. Those are fun to read through. It’s almost hard to pick out the doctrine cause I feel like I’m just reading a story book. Moroni is just a champ. 
We’re gonna get a visit from a Seventy soon we have to fill out a form today so we he can answer some questions.
Love you guys Elder Sawyer

Do they have stop signs or stop lights? do the drivers obey the traffic signals?  
yes and no. I’m just glad I haven’t been hit on my bike yet. It’s gotten close. The craziest drivers are the pesioneros with their trucks

Anything paper you need sent?  
dollar bills and letters

I heard that if they want to sell their car they put a colored cup on top of the car?  
just any bottle works

"So I went to the dentist to get my teeth checked out. The dentsit is Dr. Gatica. I met him in La Plata forever ago. So we went in and he looked at my teeth. He said that the dentist from before the mission had missed something cause one of my back teeth had a huge cavity. He said it had to have been there for more than a year . So he carved out about half of my tooth and put it back together. I have to go back and get the little ones taken care of. It was pretty cool it- came out to 45 bucks. Pretty cheap I think. I’m gonna have to pull out some money to pay for the next dentist trip. It was a pretty rough time in that dentist chair. "

Monday, September 7, 2015

September 7, 2015- in Longchamps with Elder Pallauta

So it’s been a pretty good week with lots of good experiences. We have been working a lot with the familia Fernandez. The family with 8 kids, they have been progressing really well and have really enjoyed going to church. The ward is doing a lot to help us make them feel comfortable. The young women basically attack the younger daughters, so excited to have more girls in young women and everyone in the ward loves all the little kids. The bishop said that it’s been years since they’ve had a family like this investigating the church. It’s been pretty fun with them. The other day we were waiting for their parents to get back from buying stuff. We were waiting with all their kids in front of their house. One of them pulled out a soccer ball, that’s one thing I really like about Argentina, someone always has a ball. We started a game in the dirt road in front of their house and all the little kids from up and down the street just flocked to it. It was pretty fun. I like teaching families with little kids, it makes it more fun. I use that white board I brought with me and draw stuff like the plan of salvation. It’s cool, I like using it and it makes teaching a lot more simple. 

We’re still fighting for divorcements and marriages. It’s so frustrating. That’s why we teach the importance of marriage. Because when we get married we need to be sure that we want to be with them forever. Speaking of marriage- what’s Andrew doing?

We’re gonna go bowling today with the Zone, so that will be pretty cool. We helped a random lady shovel dirt into her yard the other day and now we’re teaching her. It’s been nice. 

I go to the dentist on Friday. I hope I can find the place. I’ve got two street names and a bus number. hahahaha I think it’s in the area of one of my buddys so I’ll see if he can help me out. 

This week we’ll just be cementing a wall so cold air doesn’t get in. We’re gonna go dig a well next month and we’re planning on getting the quorum to help us go build an investigators house.  I like doing service. My hands are starting to look like they did before the mission which makes me happy.

Dad I heard Rush playing in a little cafe the other day and that was a happy experience.  I like Chorizo. It’s that hot dog looking pic I sent the other day. My bike is blue and the paints peeling off, but other than that it’s good and hasn’t gotten stolen!

Love you guys, except those who didn’t write me (you know who you are). have fun and have a good week. 
Elder Sawyer