Monday, September 14, 2015

September 14, 2015- in Longchamps with Elder Pallauta

"We went bowling in Adrogue with our district. I’m worse at bowling now than I was before the mission. It was weird being in like a mall in the shirt and tie."

WOO lots and lots of rain. We have been biking in the rain for days. It’s been pretty fun. I’m about sick of riding bikes in the mud. We started just singing hymns the other day to feel better cause it was just cold and super wet. That sorta lifted our spirits. I also taught my comp how to put his feet up on the bike so his feet don’t get wet when we go through puddles. It was super funny to hear him giggling as we went through puddles. It was funny until he hit a hole and broke his bike. He hit the brake on accident hahah- that was funny too. 

We had some really good experiences working with a family. The only problem is that they have to get divorced and then married. I think I have found about everyone who has that problem in Argentina. We had a super fun noche de hogar with the family of ten that I talked about and then two other families from the ward. There must have been like a billion kids running around there. We watched the Restauracion video and shared testimony. It was a really powerful experience and the invesitigadors really felt the spirit. After we played a game, ate some treats and left them to pass the time with the ward family. Afterwards she said wow I didn’t realize that the Mormons were like this. That was pretty satisfying to hear. They are progressing really well and have been coming to church. 

I got to know lots of different parts of the stake. I went to Alejandro Korn and Glew. Alejandro Korn has a lot of fields. I got to see lots of dead dogs there. 

I’ve been studying all the war chapters in the Book of Mormon recently. Those are fun to read through. It’s almost hard to pick out the doctrine cause I feel like I’m just reading a story book. Moroni is just a champ. 
We’re gonna get a visit from a Seventy soon we have to fill out a form today so we he can answer some questions.
Love you guys Elder Sawyer

Do they have stop signs or stop lights? do the drivers obey the traffic signals?  
yes and no. I’m just glad I haven’t been hit on my bike yet. It’s gotten close. The craziest drivers are the pesioneros with their trucks

Anything paper you need sent?  
dollar bills and letters

I heard that if they want to sell their car they put a colored cup on top of the car?  
just any bottle works

"So I went to the dentist to get my teeth checked out. The dentsit is Dr. Gatica. I met him in La Plata forever ago. So we went in and he looked at my teeth. He said that the dentist from before the mission had missed something cause one of my back teeth had a huge cavity. He said it had to have been there for more than a year . So he carved out about half of my tooth and put it back together. I have to go back and get the little ones taken care of. It was pretty cool it- came out to 45 bucks. Pretty cheap I think. I’m gonna have to pull out some money to pay for the next dentist trip. It was a pretty rough time in that dentist chair. "

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