Monday, September 21, 2015

September 21, 2015- in Longchamps with Elder Pallauta- getting a new comp

So I’m training we go to the mission home to pick up my comp tomorrow. I’m pretty excited. I’ve been waiting to train for forever. I’m glad cause that means I’ll have a lot more time here in Longchamps, which means more time to try and get people married! cause we are still fighting with that. Lots of lawyers. It’s a huge pain. It’s just hard for them to do the paperwork it’s a lot of time travelling. It’s hard when people can’t just drive places. Travelling by train and bus can be pretty hard.  It’s like this, the investigadores that have no problem coming to church have marriage issues and the ones that have problems coming to church are single or don’t need to get married, but it’s fun.
The other day we did three service projects in one day- we even helped Emiliano, an investigator, cut the metal rods for his house. We helped him a ton, it would have taken him forever to do it. After we went and took off a roof in another investigators house (he’s the dad of the guy we baptized, he’s probably the closest to baptism cause he has come to church and is living only with his kids). Taking off the roof was difficult. I got the job of using the back part of the hammer to pull out all the rusty nails. I basically destroyed my hands doing it. It was fun. Afterwards we mixed cement by hand and laid a floor in a member’s house. That was brutal. We had a lot of good experiences teaching this week. The familia Fernandez, with their 8 kids, are progressing really well. They’ve been reading a ton from the book of Mormon. And their kids are great. The whole ward loves them. Pray for marriages. All is good down here. It’s good to hear that it’s all good up there
love you all!

Elder Sawyer

1- How are the dogs? Do they chase you? I remember in Mexico they started coming after us  and we just pretended to pick up a rock and they ran away. They are also all over the city, just lying in the way on the sidewalk.
1- Yeah, it’s like that here, but we have bikes or had bikes. Yeah, you just pick up a rock and they run away. Sometimes if they are really bad you throw the rock, but only if they’re gonna bite you.

2-did you feel the earthquake on Thursday? It was an 8.3 in Santiago, Chile.
2-nope, didn’t feel it, but heard all about it.

3-what kind of paper package do you want?
3- Send me definitions of English grammar- terms like past participle, antecedent. Things like that. So I can learn the English grammar better so I can use my Spanish grammar book more effectively

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