Monday, September 28, 2015

September 28, 2015- in Longchamps with Elder Villalon

So is been an exciting week. Tuesday was new kid day, we went and picked up our new comps from the mission home. I got a Chilean named Elder Villalon. He’s super excited and well prepared to be a missionary. He’s 21 years old. There’s so many Chileans in the mission right now. Like more missionaries from Chile then from Utah, like 10 new ones came in with my comp. It’s weird cause they speak weird. In the district there’s 5 now. 5 out of 8. So I’m gonna learn a little bit of Chilean  slang. I really enjoy training. It’s fun helping someone learn the steps of being a missionary. We’ve had a lot of successes together already and we’re super excited for some people. The hardest part though is teaching. Sometimes my comp is a little lost or likes to say something kinda random, but it’s good, he’s learning really fast. It’s a lot more practice for me. 

One example is a lesson we had with a reference in the chapel. We were teaching the restoration. Before I let him know that he was gonna give the baptismal invite, and sorta let him know when a good time to give it would be. We started teaching and he gave it sorta in a random part, but she accepted. Her name is M.......... She’s the good friend of a member and is super great. Yesterday in church she let us know how good she feels when she talks with us and how she had talked to other missionaries, but somehow it’s different now. 

Another cool experience was from last week. We promised a couple that needs to get married that if they went and looked for their divorce papers this week that it would work out. They went and it was true. They’re gonna be able to get married and then baptized. We’re excited for them. It was great to see how happy he was when he told us how it had all gone down. 

You asked about the different Spanish’s that I come into contact with. First of all, Spanish people from Spain speak really really weird. Castellano is its own thing especially from BA. hahaha..

I’m hoping for more than 2 more transfers here. The ward is just amazing really. I’ve basically been adopted into 2 families. We get to serve a lot. They took pictures of my hands today, they like the blisters, you can see them on his Facebook. The physical service just comes. a lot of it is with investigators. 

The photos I send you are from the Armijo’s house. He’s the guy that visits people with us about every day and we have a permanent invitation to eat at their house. and they wash our laundry. We go work at his house cause if we don’t he'll just keep doing visits with us and never finish or do work in his house. We’ve been using lots of cement on his house walls so that when it rains the water doesn’t soak through the walls and the floor.

I’m doing pretty good and am getting slowly better at cooking things. Mixing in some vegetables with stuff helps- peppers and onions are my favorite right now. Life’s good and things are good.  The tooth- we’re gonna go again this week to finish the work it will be fun. Love you tons

Love you all Argentina is great, the weather is beautiful and the work is going great here in Argentina. I’m super excited for conference! Love you all!

Elder Sawyer

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