Monday, September 7, 2015

September 7, 2015- in Longchamps with Elder Pallauta

So it’s been a pretty good week with lots of good experiences. We have been working a lot with the familia Fernandez. The family with 8 kids, they have been progressing really well and have really enjoyed going to church. The ward is doing a lot to help us make them feel comfortable. The young women basically attack the younger daughters, so excited to have more girls in young women and everyone in the ward loves all the little kids. The bishop said that it’s been years since they’ve had a family like this investigating the church. It’s been pretty fun with them. The other day we were waiting for their parents to get back from buying stuff. We were waiting with all their kids in front of their house. One of them pulled out a soccer ball, that’s one thing I really like about Argentina, someone always has a ball. We started a game in the dirt road in front of their house and all the little kids from up and down the street just flocked to it. It was pretty fun. I like teaching families with little kids, it makes it more fun. I use that white board I brought with me and draw stuff like the plan of salvation. It’s cool, I like using it and it makes teaching a lot more simple. 

We’re still fighting for divorcements and marriages. It’s so frustrating. That’s why we teach the importance of marriage. Because when we get married we need to be sure that we want to be with them forever. Speaking of marriage- what’s Andrew doing?

We’re gonna go bowling today with the Zone, so that will be pretty cool. We helped a random lady shovel dirt into her yard the other day and now we’re teaching her. It’s been nice. 

I go to the dentist on Friday. I hope I can find the place. I’ve got two street names and a bus number. hahahaha I think it’s in the area of one of my buddys so I’ll see if he can help me out. 

This week we’ll just be cementing a wall so cold air doesn’t get in. We’re gonna go dig a well next month and we’re planning on getting the quorum to help us go build an investigators house.  I like doing service. My hands are starting to look like they did before the mission which makes me happy.

Dad I heard Rush playing in a little cafe the other day and that was a happy experience.  I like Chorizo. It’s that hot dog looking pic I sent the other day. My bike is blue and the paints peeling off, but other than that it’s good and hasn’t gotten stolen!

Love you guys, except those who didn’t write me (you know who you are). have fun and have a good week. 
Elder Sawyer

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