Monday, October 12, 2015

October 12, 2015- in Longchamps with Elder Villalon

"these are asado flavored chips"
Hey everyone how's it going? It was a really good week. The Fernandez family is working on their papers to get married and we're working a lot with them to be excited for their marriage and baptism. We're also going to start focusing on the kids more. It's going to be fun- there's eight of them and four enough are enough to be baptized.
The best thing of the week is Hermana M........ She's a widow that lives with her two kids. We hadn’t been able to talk to her for a while, but when we finally got a lesson in and she was super excited. She came to church this week and really liked it. We're helping her to quit smoking and she's doing really well. She has a kiosk close to the Armijo’s so we’ve assigned them that every time they buy from her to remind her not to smoke. It's great- even the in active part of their family, that have their own word of wisdom problems, are helping her out.
For the ward family home evening we taught the word of wisdom. We needed some examples of things we shouldn't use so me and my comp went and picked a beer bottle and a cigarette box out of the trash. It was a fun activity- we had a ton of people there and they really understood the Word of Wisdom.
Saturday we got some service in with Beto, he’s Armijo’s son in law. We always eat with them and share a litle bit of the gospel with him. He always just listened until one day he asked us about seers. Turns out he's reading the book of Mormon. We're working little by little with him as we help him build his house.I t's great because his wife always cooks for us. And I get to learn how to lay bricks.
For pictures just go onto Lorenzo’s facebook- he’s always taking pics. and he is  with us constantly so he’s got lots of pics of us. hahahahaha
That snickerdoodle recipe you gave me is getting used a lot. Everyone here likes them (they’re basically sugar and butter!) and they are super easy to make. I knock out a batch once in a while to say thank you and give to people.
What are your guys’ ponderizing scriptures?
Love you all and hope all is well 

Elder Sawyer

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