Monday, October 19, 2015

October 19, 2015- in Longchamps with Elder Villalon

“this guy is Hermano Tito. we call him Papi Tito.
he’s from Bolivia and tells us about his old fighting stories.”

“we’re eating asado which is barbecue. it’s meat cooked over a fire usually wood. it’s like the key to life here. just big hunks of meat. I’m a big fan of the chorizo. when you go to California ask molly she’s got a coworker that knows a restaurant where you can try some.”

This was a pretty good week. The funnest thing this week was when we had our ward family home evening. We made a play. We did a little presentation of the talk that Elder Packer gave forever ago about how our minds are like a stage. We got a bunch of little kids to act as good happy thoughts. Then we dressed up my comp as a bad thought. We taught how the bad thoughts go in and kill all the good thoughts. My comp then killed the happy thoughts on the stage. It was pretty funny and all the people in the audience really liked it. We finished it off by teaching how we get rid of bad thoughts by using a song or a scripture -we can get rid of those thoughts. The three of us elders then killed the bad thought with a hymn. It came out really funny and really cool. 
Last week we played Chile vs US in the district activity soccer game (remember our whole district is Chilean!). We lost, but it was still pretty fun. 
Other than that it was a pretty normal week. We spend a lot of time running around to get to everyone. Love you all!

Elder Sawyer

 “haha this pic with my shirt tucked in is when we stopped and helped an investigator clean out her sangha. (there are sanghas (sort of like ditches, only deeper and grosser) everywhere- I’ve fallen into about three I think. luckily they weren’t the really nasty ones. though one time my laundry did get dumped into one by accident.) it was lots and lots and lots of work and I was  super muddy in my pants and shoes. it was super fun. we’ve been killing it with all of the extra activities recently.” 
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