Monday, October 26, 2015

October 26, 2015- in Longchamps with Elder Villalon

“these are the kids I was in charge of during the temple trip activity”

"Elder Villalon, Morris, Pallauta and Sawyer"

Dear Family,
We had an enjoyable and eventful week. We’ve been teaching a lot and we’ve kept pretty  busy all the time so it’s fun. The highlight of the week was the temple. We have the temple in our mission boundaries, so we have permission to take investigators there. I got the ward organized into a temple trip and we all went with 5 of our investigators.  We were even able to take them into the temple waiting room and talk. Yesterday I got to teach a lesson about temples inside the temple. We had some of the kids that we were teaching- the girls who really wanted to meet sister missionaries and I thought that there was a pair assigned to the temple. I couldn’t find them so we ended up going to the MTC next door and pulling out some sisters to talk to them. They all loved it. I also met people from my other wards. It’s great to hear about people that I found and taught that now have callings. I also ran into Elder Mortenson and some Elders from the East mission. It was a fun and cool day. All the people we brought felt the Spirit and had a good experience.
We had interviews with prez and I know that I’m gonna finish training for my comp and then get transferred probably.
On Sunday there were the presidential elections here in Argentina and the church’s Area Presidency wanted all the missionaries in their apartments for the day, we had lunch and then spent the whole day planning and watching training videos.
If anyone is interested in talking to some Argentines, I got some friends that are really in to social media.
Elder Sawyer
If you are able to send that package with that lady, send me a little bit of pancake syrup- I miss that stuff!

“Jose Luis, one of our converts, got to go do baptisms in the temple.”

"on the bus we rented for the ward temple activity"
“I eat a lot of peaches- someone found a giant can of them to show me.” 

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