Monday, October 5, 2015

October 5, 2015- in Longchamps with Elder Villalon

    "Así deben estar siempre nuestro elderes de feliz ellos traen tanta bendiciónes a nuestro casa un día de reposo muy lindo gracias elderes por compartir nuestro comida los amamos"

It’s been a good week. We've seen some great things happen. My trainee is pretty lucky after all the progress of people we have had. The happiest news is the familia Fernandez are getting married! And they don't have to get divorced to do it! That was cool, we went to teach them the law of chastity. We wanted to go with the husband and wife so we set it up to go with the Familia Perez. They canceled so I called the Plan B, the family Armijo, they were the Plan B just because they're the older and their kids were older so we went with them and were talking and then suddenly the whole family of the bishop showed up randomly- was kind of crazy for minute, but eventually we got it organized so all the kids went to the Armijo’s  house and all the adults just talked- it was a cool lesson. I just pretty much explained why God wants us to get married and then everyone started talking about how much they love one another. And now we're hoping to prepare for a wedding in the Chapel!

Another cool thing is M............ She's progressing really well. She just shows the importance of members in missionary work.

I figure I should let you know about the story of the Armijo’s. Hermano Armijo marrried his wife when he was 17. His wife was 14. Both their parents opposed the marriage (wonder why?). He was a dad at 18- they have seven kids now and I could easily be one of their grandchildren he 62 right now and still goes to play soccer with our investigators with the ward. Even though he tore up his knee really bad when he was young and never got to rest because he had to work. So now he's old and beat up, but is super pumped and prepared to help with the missionary work. He's pretty willing to visit people every day and he does. He does it so much he doesn't have as much time to build this house. That is why  I would try to help him. I always try to get in there and do some of the heavy lifting. He's got the heart of a pibe, but the body of an old guy. There  are three other daughters that are older that live there. They are there with all with their kids. They like to cook and we have a running invitation to eat with them whenever. There's so much about them I can't even explain. The house is like the missionary base of  operations with all the activities and things we do there.

Another interesting character I met is  G......... -we contacted him in the street and he let us into his house. The first thing I noticed were the swords hanging on the wall. I asked why. He explained that October 2021 something really bad is going to happen and we're not going be able to use guns anymore so he's got knives and swords hidden all over his house -that was a fun visit.

The conference was really cool -lots of talks in the Atonment,  lots of references to Alma 7:11-12. My favorite talk was Elder Oaks I really enjoyed what President Monson spoke about.  The biggest thing I took in however wasn’t the teaching, but how they taught, lots of examples and using scriptures.  I've got a bigger desire to memorize scriptures. The translation into Spanish for the Elder that spoke about memorizing scriptures was “meditizer”- that was funny. Conference is cool because in between sessions we all eat with the ward- it's super cool. 

Hermana Gonzales the karate guy, also taught me how to kill a guy with my pointer finger- I'm so glad he's a member. 

I love you guys a lot and I'm happy you're all good

Elder Sawyer

Elder Villalon, Elder Sawyer and Hermano Armijo

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