Monday, November 30, 2015

November 30, 2015- in Longchamps with Elder Villalon

So this was a really good week. People are getting married and having their birthdays. We’ve been invited to so many birthday parties from members and investigators- it’s actually pretty funny. I’m making snickerdoodles for an investigators son’s 3 year party. That’s the coolest thing of the week.

Beto, the son in law of Lorenzo, has been reading the Book of Mormon and loves it. This guy is just awesome. Really, it’s great to be able to teach him. It’s great cause we teach him at 6 in the morning. He has to travel to the capital to work. It’s like a two hour train adventure. He leaves at 7 and gets home at 9. We have to get up at 5:30 to go teach him. So to answer your question mom I barely have enough energy every day. We plan, eat, I stretch and write in my journal and then die in my bed. I’ve been reading about the first fruits of the Resurrection. Me and my comp are part of that cause- we need a resurrection every morning to keep going. I still exercise I’ve gotten back to my pullup bar. We were playing soccer in the morning, but my comp needs a little more rest time. So I do pullups and pushups. 

The most recent service we did was with Beto making a patio. We have a cement mixer thing that we throw rocks, sand, cement and soil into with some water and it comes out cement. It requires lots and lots of shoveling. I’m pretty much an expert at shoveling things. I was shoveling all the rock and sand my comp was carrying buckets and Beto was working the machine. We got a rhythm down and it was fun. I got burned pretty bad,  but I put on some aloe vera so that means I won’t get skin cancer. 

I forget that thanksgiving existed. I spent it doing what we always do. One of the members did send us a message saying happy thanksgiving so we did remember eventually. 

We’re gonna do an activity this week with the movie “meet the Mormons”. We’re pretty excited for that if you haven’t seen it, you guys should watch it. 

We’re going to the temple tomorrow as a zone. Then we have a zone conference there. It’s gonna be super cool. We were trying to get investigators and recent converts to go with us, but in the end it was just a little too difficult. but I’m still excited. 

The last thing that made me laugh was the practicing for the stake choir. I feel like I can sing ok now, I’ve been practicing  lots. But they director lady is trying to do all this complicated stuff. I just stand next to my Brazilian friend and try not to screw up too much. There’s like whole parts where we just go bummmmmm bummmmmm bummmmm. idk I just try to sing the song.

Love you guys!


Monday, November 23, 2015

November 23, 2015- in Longchamps with Elder Villalon

Holy cow, I completely forgot that Thanksgiving existed.
We have a conference the 1st of December. It’s gonna be cool, we’re gonna do a session and then have the zone conference in the little church/inn thing next to the temple. It’s gonna be cool, we’re gonna try to bring everyone that got baptised to go do baptisms. 

I got the ziploc bag -thanks for the socks and syrup. I’ll probably be transferred like two weeks before Christmas which is terrible but I’ll live with it. 
So it was a super good week. sorta. Actually it was pretty tough, but we ended it with five baptisms, so it was all good. Argentina has a weather problem, it refuses to be constant. In the middle of the week it poured and was freezing -like cold enough to go out in a scarf and boots with flooded streets and constant rain. The next day it was miserably hot. So hot that if I wasn’t a missionary I would have gone out in shorts and a t-shirt.
And because of the lovely weather I got sick. I got sick right on the day of our baptisms. I felt like I was gonna die the whole day. Like I wasn’t gonna be able to get in the water. But luckily the Lord strengthens his servants and I felt ok for the service and it was super great. I’m not gonna describe it, I’m just gonna give you guys a verse that does a good job. Alma 26: 16. Ammon gets it. The baptisms were really fun it was good to see it all come together. We’re hoping for a few more before I get transferred. 
The week was pretty normal other than that we spent a lot of time with Marta. It seems like everyday she had a new question for us that was gonna stop her from being baptised and we came in just in time to answer it. Questions like- I don’t think I can get baptised cause I like listening to music. We got to explain to her how we listen to music and that it’s ok. That was pretty funny. I’m really grateful for the ward here- it’s become like a family for me here. In the noche de hogar this week we had a really cool lesson planned to teach about the Atonement, but we needed the audience to be mostly adults to do it. We go there and there were only kids so we changed it and taught them the Restauracion with soccer examples. We also played a soccer game -elders vs all the little kids. We won.
Love you all!
Elder Sawyer

“This pizza was the birthday of one of the daughters of Armijo”
photo credits to Lorenzo Armijo

Monday, November 16, 2015

Nov 16, 2015- in Longchamps with Elder Villalon

So this was a super good week. Here are some highlights. 
1 we made tacos- they were really good and almost tasted like Mexican food. 
2 I’m super good at futball- I like scoring on these Argentines ;) I scored a goal the other day playing with Argentines and Chileans. Yeah, that means I’m good. I miss football a little, but it’s funner being a missionary. And I think I’m forgetting how to play it’s been so long.
3 I don’t know what happened, but I ended up teaching a lot of classes in church and during the week without any time to prepare. It’s always fun doing that.
4 we’re gonna have 5 baptisms this week- Marta and her 2 daughters and two of the daughters from the Fernandez family. We also had a super great charla with their parents last night and they have a date for the 5th. We’re gonna go get them an appointment to get married the next week. We’re super excited for them and it’s gonna be super cool.
5-This week were gonna dig a sangha and a well and lay some concrete and maybe paint a gate. It’s fun cause everyone in Argentina needs service, so we can always find ways to serve.
I love you guys and have a good week- don’t get sick

What the heck happened? 54- 0?? That makes my head hurt thinking about it. Shoot, poor guys. I’m putting it on Kyle to take them back to State. It sounds like they got a pretty good group. 
 That’s super crazy with the ward. How many people are in the ward now? We’ve still got most of the in-field missionaries in our ward, huh? QC is turning into a little chunk of Utah. That’s crazy with bishop Layton. That will be fun though. It sounds like it will be a fun ward. Ward activities playing Rockband. hhahahahaha congratulate him for me.
love ya
PAY ATTENTION IN SEMINARY. That’s not a suggestion. I’m always sharing scriptures with people. We’re teaching scriptures that I learned as a Freshmen in seminary. don’t waste that time. Go sit in the front row and participate. Don’t be one of those vagos that falls asleep in class. Who’s your teacher?

“me, Elder Ginato and Karen Soto- she’s leaving on her mission”

“Lorenzo and Karen Soto”

"This is what happens when you don’t have time to get your haircut and your comp happens to have a cutter thing. We cut my hair in 15 minutes. For future reference it’s better to start with a longer setting and then see how it looks.”

Monday, November 9, 2015

November 9, 2015- in Longchamps with Elder Villalon

"I know how to dig wells now"
“This is a well for the stuff that goes through the toilet. We had a pulley system going, I had to fill up a bucket and then the other elders would pull it out with the pulley. I got in and out with a ladder that was about 3 meters tall. It was really fun and gross. We only took out about half a meter. That was really fun this week.”

“I taught the Armijo’s how to make snickerdoodles, I’m officially famous for them.”

"Mikaela and her boyfriend Damian"
"We had Mikaela’s baptism which was really great. I directed a choir of JA’s. It was cool, but I don’t know how to direct. We had a ton of people there including three investigators that are now super excited for their baptisms. Mikaela is super great and brave -fighting through lots of oposicion economically and with her family. She’s really amazing." 

Other fun thing was a Seventy visited us. We talked a lot about finding people to teach and stuff. It was president Spitale from Cordoba. Prez chose me to have an interview with him afterwards. We talked a little bit about the mission and then he told me I was gonna be a bishop one day... so that was interesting and super cool.
One of the coolest experiences of the week was one of the simplest. On the way to district meetings we walked up and down the train contacting people. It’s fun- we just go sit down next to people and start sharing the gospel. We went and talked to one guy and he just asks my favorite question- “what makes you guys different?”. I shared the First Vision and the Restauracion. It was super cool. I love you guys a ton and I did take money out the other day -I bought a soccer ball. Me and my comp are playing soccer by our apartment in the morning. 
 Elder Sawyer

PS  Please kick the trash out of Saguaro this week. I’m expecting a win in my letters next week.

“Me and the other elders did a noche de hogar (family home evening) where I was the reporter and interviewed Nefi and Laman, who were played by our Latin companions. It was super funny and cool because the lights got cut right when we started and we did the whole thing by candlelight. it was a fun night.”

Monday, November 2, 2015

November 2, 2015- in Longchamps with Elder Villalon

"Mikaela is getting baptized Saturday-Sofia is her friend who got off her mission 9 months ago"
Hey everyone sorry not a lot of time this week, but it’s been super great. I’m gonna finish training my Chilean child here in Longchamps. We’re gonna have a baptism here this week. I’ll tell you guys about her next week. We’re doing super good. It’s cool to see all the photos- Ryan’s band performance looks awesome, Kyle needs to stay lower off the snap of the ball, and Andrew needs to send me a present in the mail. We’re gonna get a visit from a Seventy this week which will be awesome. The area is great and we’re seeing a ton of progress in the people that we are teaching. I’ll send you our Halloween pic next week. We were the men in black. I love you guys a ton and I’ll write a ton next week I promise. Love you mammi ;)

Elder Sawyer

the ward in Longchamps celebrated Mother's Day (Sunday in Argentina) by singing songs for their mothers accompanied by Elder Villalon. Elder Sawyer is in the back.