Monday, November 16, 2015

Nov 16, 2015- in Longchamps with Elder Villalon

So this was a super good week. Here are some highlights. 
1 we made tacos- they were really good and almost tasted like Mexican food. 
2 I’m super good at futball- I like scoring on these Argentines ;) I scored a goal the other day playing with Argentines and Chileans. Yeah, that means I’m good. I miss football a little, but it’s funner being a missionary. And I think I’m forgetting how to play it’s been so long.
3 I don’t know what happened, but I ended up teaching a lot of classes in church and during the week without any time to prepare. It’s always fun doing that.
4 we’re gonna have 5 baptisms this week- Marta and her 2 daughters and two of the daughters from the Fernandez family. We also had a super great charla with their parents last night and they have a date for the 5th. We’re gonna go get them an appointment to get married the next week. We’re super excited for them and it’s gonna be super cool.
5-This week were gonna dig a sangha and a well and lay some concrete and maybe paint a gate. It’s fun cause everyone in Argentina needs service, so we can always find ways to serve.
I love you guys and have a good week- don’t get sick

What the heck happened? 54- 0?? That makes my head hurt thinking about it. Shoot, poor guys. I’m putting it on Kyle to take them back to State. It sounds like they got a pretty good group. 
 That’s super crazy with the ward. How many people are in the ward now? We’ve still got most of the in-field missionaries in our ward, huh? QC is turning into a little chunk of Utah. That’s crazy with bishop Layton. That will be fun though. It sounds like it will be a fun ward. Ward activities playing Rockband. hhahahahaha congratulate him for me.
love ya
PAY ATTENTION IN SEMINARY. That’s not a suggestion. I’m always sharing scriptures with people. We’re teaching scriptures that I learned as a Freshmen in seminary. don’t waste that time. Go sit in the front row and participate. Don’t be one of those vagos that falls asleep in class. Who’s your teacher?

“me, Elder Ginato and Karen Soto- she’s leaving on her mission”

“Lorenzo and Karen Soto”

"This is what happens when you don’t have time to get your haircut and your comp happens to have a cutter thing. We cut my hair in 15 minutes. For future reference it’s better to start with a longer setting and then see how it looks.”

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